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Sacred 2 First Impressions

I got my copy of Sacred 2 the other day, so I thought I’d give some first impressions now and a more in-depth review once I’ve played the game for a while. (I actually received a review copy, but for the 360! So I sold it and bought the PS3 version.)

The presentation of this game is pretty good. I don’t know why some people have complained about the graphics. Except for the screen tearing, this is a pretty good looking game. I also found that once I set the camera not to follow me, I liked the experience a whole lot more. Many people have complained about the menu system, and yeah, it’s a bit cumbersome. But not as bad as the complaints led me to believe.

My biggest issue so far has just been getting used to playing the game and figuring it out. The game allows you to have a bunch of different weapons, and switching is accomplished just by using them. The magical abilities and how they interact with your weapons is taking some getting used to. And being able to drink a potion to learn a skill was odd as well. But I’m slowly getting used to it.

The game uses a targeting system, which I have to say I don’t like much. I prefer the Champions of Norrath method, whereby you aim your bow in the right direction and shoot. Or swing your staff, and if a baddy is close enough, good for you. This takes some getting used to as well. I think it’s a hold-over from the PC version.

I still haven’t figured out how to pause the game. It seems that no matter what menu I enter, the game continues, so I end up dead after I come back from the bathroom. I’m sure there’s an easy solution to this, but I haven’t figured it out yet.

Lastly, I’m still confused about the quests. I helped a town get their tax money back by going after the brigands that stole it. Now I’m back in the town with the money, and I can’t find the person to give it to. Objectives really should be made much clearer.

It sounds like I have nothing but complaints. But this game really does look like it has promise. I hope that once I get used to the strange mechanics of this game, that I’ll get into a flow and enjoy it a whole lot more. We’ll see.


Kojima continues to tease us with photo of Big Boss

Metal Gear Big Boss
Click for higher rez photo (thanks JimmyMagnum)

The teaser site has a new countdown and Big Boss’s face showed up. While I was hoping for a Zone of Enders 3 game. I’m still excited for another Metal Gear title as long as Kojima is in charge.

He looks older than he did in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and is wearing a beret bearing a patch which reads “Militares Sans Frontieres” (Military Without Borders).

Raiden has also showed up on the teaser site. Very interesting. The countdown expires just as E3 beings. Can’t wait to see what Kojima has up his sleeves! 😀

Maybe this game could take place after MGS3 and then cut to the future throughout the game controlling Raiden? Some think it could be a remake of the classic MGS games. There are a lot of theories going around, what’s yours?

Kojima teaser site updates with … Big Boss [update]


Playstation Europe Blog goes live.


For a long time there has been an official Playstation blog for the US but now Europe has its own blog too @

Phew. no more three speech.

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Did Sony Blow Their PS3 Suprises Before E3?

Over the past month or so, Sony has launched a full blown media blitz with tons of preview footage, interviews, and gameplay details on pretty much all of its big, upcoming (announced) PS3 games such as Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, PixelJunk Shooter, MAG, Fat Princess, DC Universe, and White Knight Chronicles. We’ve also heard tons of details on DLC and patches for all their recent big releases, tons of updates and details on PlayStation Home, they shipped one of their bigger PSP games earlier this month with Patapon 2, and they’ve shipped Infamous, one of their big internally developed PS3 titles ahead of schedule, all before E3.

So, is there anything left or did Sony pretty much shows us all the goods before the show started? It’s safe to expect a few things:

  • Details on God of War 3 and the new Ratchet & Clank game which haven’t been extensively previewed lately. Also, maybe something substantial is finally coming from the Gran Turismo series?
  • New game reveals. There should definitely be a few of these
  • New PSP hardware? Almost everyone seems highly confident in these rumors. And new hardware would be accompanied by new software.
  • PS3 slimline? This has been heavily rumored but there’s a good chance this won’t happen until later this year.

Usually, companies hoard all their big news and surprises in the months leading up to E3 for one colossal news and surprise overload. This seems to be what Microsoft and Nintendo are doing: both of them have been really quiet all year and are making rather large claims about an epic E3 showing. However, Sony seems to be breaking from this strategy.


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