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inFAMOUS First Impressions


Let’s get this out of the way right off the bat: I don’t generally like single player games. I find the experience of sitting by myself, playing against a machine, to be yawn inducing in the extreme. I’m really more of a social gamer. And another thing: I don’t like GTA or other open-world games. I was never pulled in by the idea of a free roaming world, nor the whole premise of GTA’s world. As a matter of fact, the only open world I do like is Burnout: Paradise. 🙂

So one side of me was surprised when the other side dragged it into a store yesterday and picked up inFAMOUS and sneaked it out under my hoody (just kidding). I had tried the demo, not really expecting much, but I got hooked. So now I have the game.

The demo really spoils the game in some ways, because in the demo you start off with powers that you don’t immediately have in the real game. Which is a bummer because the element of surprise and wonder is removed from you if you’ve played the demo and tried all the cool moves. But that’s a knock against the demo, not against the game. Anyway, the cool moves is what makes actually playing the game so much fun. I’m not giving anything away by saying that you have a force blast, because you get it right away. It’s lots of fun to blast cars out of the way. The other moves are all similarly fun and exciting to execute. I love leaping off tall buildings.

The game itself introduces you to the world pretty quickly, and the story is fun. Zeke is Cole’s best friend, and can be be annoying, but all in all, he’s cool. I like the place he calls home. The way the story is told graphic-novel style is great too, and I heard that while the beginning and end of the game have a lot of story, the middle is lacking. After having experienced at least part of the beginning, I’m sorry to hear that. For once I’m actually vested in a story! My gaming friends will attest to how little I care about the story in other games. For example, playing Sacred 2 the other night, I was just wishing the narrator would shut up. In inFAMOUS, by contrast, I was hoping for more!

The graphics are really great when it comes to your electrical powers. In other ways, it could use a little improvement. The biggest problem is the modeling of Cole’s girlfriend. Her eyes look like the Emperor’s from Empire Strikes Back. What’s up with that? The world is rendered nicely enough. There’s some pop-in, but it really only annoys if you let it.

All in all, so far I’m very pleased with one of my only single player game purchases ever. It might even make me a convert!

PS: This Penny Arcade comic about the game is SO true. 🙂 (Thanks Todd!)


Aliens vs Predator 3 to be at E3

AVP3 will make an appearance at E3 this year! Hopefully people get some hands on time with it.

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PlayTV review.

PlayTV is a neat little gadget that allows European PS3 users to watch and record TV on the PS3. Its an external USB TV Tuner which you plug into your aerial into and then a USB socket on the PS3. Once installed it can be accessed under a new XMB section called TV. It allows you to pause and rewind TV on the fly as well as see what is on over the next 7 days. Other features include being able to watch using your PSP (I don’t own one so was unable to test), a dual tuner allowing you to record one channel whilst watching another and you can even back up your videos onto an external device. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like you can view the files on any other computer but its nice to be able to backup your video at least. The standout feature of the device though is the ability to record TV whilst playing games, a pop-up alerts you when it starts and finishes recording. You can also watch a recording whilst it is recording if you only missed the start and do not with to wait until the end.

Overall I couldn’t recommend this highly enough. It works well and does everything you could expect it too. Feel free to post any questions in the comments below and if you’re wondering why you haven’t seen one of these about in America and Japan that is due to areas transmitting in DVB/T.

PlayTV contents;


Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay Reveal.

The single player campaign is starting to look epic.

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