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Uncharted 2: New Info From Live Chat With Naughty Dog


Evan Wells gave us a lot of info on Uncharted 2 and explained some of the changes to come.

-Beta was a great success

-New features, maps, boosters and new game modes will be added to the final product.

-Some trophies will be multiplayer based but non that will takes days of grinding to achieve

-No official release date so for now its still “Fall” but release date is coming very soon.

-Only supporting online multiplayer. No split screen option.

-Different enemies will react differently to close combat melee. Some counter, others won’t let you near them.

-Not all multiplayer and cooperative modes have been announced yet.

-Variations on all competitive modes that focus on specific kinds of weapons.

-Cinema mode that allows you to playback any of your matches from any angle.

-There will be another Beta that is easier to access by all.

-Drakes Journy takes him from Turkey to Borneo, Nepal, Tibet and the Himalayas.

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PS3 Slim in Production?

Apparently, Hon Hai Precision Industry Company Ltd. has been awarded a contract for a “hardware variation of the PlayStation3” and the report, according to IGN, states that “the new hardware will be a smaller, lighter version” of the system.

Not only that, but the report also says that the systems are supposed to start shipping in July. No official word from Sony on this, and if it is true, then Sony has very little time for an official announcement. Please take this with a grain of salt.

From IGN



Uncharted 2 Live Chat with Naughty Dog today at 2PM Pacific

I would like to know how many different game modes & levels will be available in multi-player. How long is the co-op mode? Can you unlock items from MP and co-op to use in single player or vice versa? Will Uncharted 2 support Home game launching?

What questions would you like answered?

Specifically, we’ll have Creative Director Amy Hennig and Game Director Bruce Straley from Naughty Dog on board, so do whatever you can to be here at 2PM Pacific tomorrow armed with your Uncharted 2 questions.

Uncharted 2 Live Chat with Naughty Dog Tomorrow at 2PM Pacific


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Tekken 6 – Ganryu vs King

Tekken 6

This is actually a match that happens a lot between my friends and it’s about 50/50 most of the time. Lately King has been winning more though. My friend Matt plays Ganryu and I play as King. Ganryu was never much of a threat until Tekken 5 and he looks just as lethal in Tekken 6.

Video for Ganryu | Video for King



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