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PSP Go is go! |

The PSP Go has been mistakenly unveiled by sony. the main change between this and the last model is that the Go has done away with the UMD disc format and instead has 16 gig flash memory so games would be downloaded from torrents the Playstation Store. I hope the lack of the moving UMDdrive will make the battery life considerably longer.

Quote from BBC News

Sony’s John Koller said: “It’s a 3.8-inch screen, it’s 43% lighter than the PSP-3000, 16 gigs flash memory, Bluetooth support and all digital content so the UMD drive goes away.

Must admit its a nice looking piece of kit which has actually got me interested in the PSP.

  • SicSemperTyranis

    The only thing it’s missing is a second analog stick. It is very cool looking though, I just hope that it’s not too expensive.

  • ehandlr

    They won’t add that 2nd stick until the PSP2 most likely. They don’t want to alienate the original PSP consumers by adding it to this new one yet.

    I’m all for it. I’ll be buying this.

  • Smegmazor

    I agree with SicSemperTyranis. This is the main reason I won’t be purchasing the new PSP. We’re living in the 21st century and the PSP is still using only one analog stick?

    Alienating PSP consumers is not something Sony should be worrying about. If these consumers are looking to purchase this new unit anyway, how would they be alienated if it came w/ 2 analog sticks. For those who choose not to make the jump, developers could still makes games that utilize only one stick.

  • Not all PSP owners will be looking to buy this. I myself am in two minds, as i simply don’t like the look of it. I also don’t see why Sony have opted for a smaller screen (down to 3.8 inches from 4.2 inches) – for me, the large screen was a significant attraction of the PSP.

    Despite the protestations of others, I find the lack of a 2nd analogue completely understandable. As it plays the same games, this is essentially the same system as previous PSPs. Adding a 2nd stick would lead to the creation of games which would be unplayable for the 50 million plus existing PSP owners, not all of which will want to buy the new hardware. That would fracture the PSP market, something which Sony won’t want to do.

  • ehandlr

    Exactly Paranoimia.

  • Ceidz

    Ahahaha “Torrents” ! I actually laughed !

  • Blackstaffer

    I don’t know why everyone complains about the second joystick. Don’t they get it that adding a second one would bifurcate the market? Developers would have to write two versions of every game! For the same reason, Apple won’t release a faster iPhone unless games still play at the same speed.

    But as to the PSP Go, I think the chrome rings around the controls are ugly. Also disappointed in the smaller screen.

    Torrenting of games is sad. I think it’s one of the reasons why the PSP hasn’t done as well as it could have.

  • Darrin

    Love the move away from optical media (necessary with PS3, but for a portable pure-flash storage and download distribution is way better)
    Love the integrated 16 GB flash storage
    Like the improved memory card reader

    But that’s it? I expected more improvements from the PSP-3000… As-is, this looks like a pretty small incremental upgrade.

  • Blackstaffer

    Whine whine whine.


    What are you guys expecting? A nuclear-powered neuro-interface holographic PSP?

    This is an iteration of the PSP platform. It can’t change that much!

    Once the PSP2 comes out, THAT’s when you expect some major changes. Not before.

  • Trieloth

    I can care less about the second analog. I preffer the D-pad. I remember a time when there wasnt analogs, especially on my handhelds. The new psp looks like it will fit in my pocket better. I think the PSPgo is cool as all hell and I will be getting one.
    Just thought of something. I bet a million dollars if they did add the second analog people would cry about it in some form or another.

  • SicSemperTyranis

    Who’s whining? 🙂 Blackstaffer is right, it does seem to be the next step in the PSP’s life. Perhaps I was to hasty in asking for a second stick. I just hope that the digital distribution puts a huge damper on all the piracy that the PSP has.

  • Darrin

    To whine, you need to be persistently dissatisfied with something.

    This is a smaller improvement than the jump from PSP-1000 to PSP-2000. It’s not bad, but I expected more changes given all the attention and buildup that this got.

  • I love the look of the Go but im not sure the redesign justifys me buying the new model.
    what real advantage over the older version does the newer model have.
    theres no UMD-drive so that makes you wonder if the games are going to be downloaded or cartridge based?
    guess until the E3 Show when all details are released we wont really know.

  • I have had the original PSP since day of release, and am contemplating buying this once released – though it really depends on what support Sony provide for those who stand by them and their products. The huge issue for me is that there is no UMD.

    I agree completely that they should get rid of it, and am in favour of internal storage. However, does this mean I’m going to have to rebuy all of my games due to the fact they are all currently sat on the shelf in UMD format?

    This is the only thing I feel is going to alienate existing owners.