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E3 ’09: Square Enix’s new announced. |


“On a forgotten page of eternity…” Heroes and gods were mentioned and the final word we were left with was a single name: Eorzea.

FFXIV is the latest installment in the Final Fantasy franchise. Available for the PS3 and PC in 2010 the game will reportedly have a “simultaneous global release with language support in Japanese, English, French and German” with music from the greatest gaming musician ever, Nobuo Uematsu.

While this may be called FFXIV it actually screams FFXI. There are Mithra, Galka, and Taru present on the game’s web page. Perhaps a sequal/prequal?

Let’s hope it’s more than just FFXI with a graphical update. I personally don’t want to spend countless hours looking for party again.

  • ehandlr

    So Psyched!!!!!


    (and with level sync…lfp isn’t so bad anymore)

  • The level sync addition was the nail in the coffin for me. Hated it.

  • Justin

    Yeah as of late SE has added several additions to the game making it much less of a waiting game. It’s still a timesink of course, but anyone who still spends hours LFP is living in the past.

    Anyway I’m very much looking forward to FF14, SE’s had years of experience working on a mmo and I can only hope they take what we loved in FFXI and remove or improve upon the aspects we hated to make one killer mmo.

    Can’t wait!

  • Ceidz

    “PS3 and PC” ? I thought this was a PS3-only exclusive ?

  • PS3 console exclusive.

    Platforms: PLAYSTATION(R) 3 & Windows(R)
    *Details on required PC specifications to be announced
    at a later date
    Languages: Japanese, English, German, French (simultaneous release)
    Genre: MMORPG
    Release: 2010
    ESRB: RP (Rating Pending)

  • Trev

    this was such a random announcement. everyone was just “bwah?!” when tretton announced this at the keynote.

  • Trieloth

    ? level sync was they only reason I get partys invites now. Level 75’s love the teenagers (lvl 10-20). I can party with anybody now, instead of people only in my lvl range. But things are different and people are more stuck up.

  • Yeah. I was shocked myself when he said FF14. I think it was this E3’s ‘WTF ?!’ moment.

  • Stephen

    Sucks that FFXIV is a MMORPG

    I will just wait for FF versus XIII and FFXV

  • Tidbits from SE’s E3 conference going on now!

    11:56 FFXIV will be coming to the PS3 & PC. They are currently considering other hardware (including Microsoft hardware!)
    11:56 Q: What are the ties to Final Fantasy XI, if any?

    11:58 A: While you may have noticed that some of the same type of races appeared in the trailer, the world of FFXIV is different from FFXI. The reason that we made the races similar to the FFXI races is so FFXI players could choose a similar type of race in the new game. For example, in movies, you might have an actor that plays many different roles. Please, think of it that way.

    11:59 Q: What happens to Final Fantasy XI now that we’re moving to FFXIV? Are you going to phase it out or continue to publish new content for XI? How will the development team be split?

    11:59 XIV does not take place in Vana’deil.

    12:00 A: The development for FFXIV started 4 or 5 years ago with primary ideas. Development started a few years ago, while FFXI was still being supported. FFXI will continue to be supported. There is another year of content planned. There are no plans for the near future to stop development on FFXI.

    12:01 Q: What influence have games like World of WarCraft have on the development of FFXIV?

    12:02 A: As with WoW, we want to aim a bit for the casual user. However, we don’t want to make a copy of WoW. We believe we will have things that are unique and will stand out from that game.

    12:02 Q: Will combat be more action oriented or turn-based?

    12:02 A: We cannot talk about the battle system at this time