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DDR Finally Comes to PS3 |

Finally, after years of DDR like titles hitting every other console, the new 2009 DDR title and peripheral is finally coming to the PS3.

This new DDR game comes with a new 8-direction “octomat” (as opposed to the standard 4-direction mats). Sounds like a very incremental improvement, but I’m glad PS3 owners get on board with the new peripheral.

My step-daughter has wanted this game for a while, and now I don’t need to keep a Wii/360/PS2 setup for this.

  • One negative about the octomat, people that got a steel dance pad are out of luck.

  • Mirko


  • ERB

    Where can I find out more about this? I haven’t heard about any DDR titles for PS3 – but have been waiting for one.

  • darrin

    Konami announced PS3 DDR with the new Octomat at E3 2009… They haven’t released any details at all and their web site doesn’t mention it… I suspect it would come out this holiday time frame, but we don’t know for sure.

  • Jacob

    hey i work at GameStop and it shows that the new DDR will be coming out in the early spring time, possibly even February, but leading more into march time.