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Sonys Motion Controller had origins back to 2004 |

PlayStation Underground Disc Issue #80This tech demo is from a PlayStation Underground Disc, Issue #80 which was from May 1st, 2004. I have shown it to a lot of people back then and they all thought it was very cool.

I still have that disc because that demo was fun. I spray painted a ball neon green so I could try out the demo and it worked great, it tracked the ball very well too. Sometimes it was hard to complete the shape because you couldn’t see where you began.

They have obviously come a long way, as you can see here.

  • SicSemperTyranis

    That was an interesting video. Why do we think that Sony never went any further with this? Did the EyeToy not sell well enough?

  • I think the EyeToy was more popular in Europe than the USA. I really enjoyed the EyeToy games actually. One thing that bugged me is how they bundled the EyeToy with almost every game and no option to buy the game without the EyeToy.

    There is a hover board game called Antigrav. You stand like you would on a skateboard, you can lean left or right to steer, reach your hands out to touch icons for points. You can jump or duck under objects. It was a great game actually. I have about 4 or 5 EyeToy games total.