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Is PSP-Go a Rip-Off? |


The new PSP Go probably costs less to manufacture since the added embedded flash memory probably costs less than the UMD assembly which is removed, yet the retail price is $80 more than the PSP-3000.

Some of that profit is going to retail to compensate them for getting cut out of games sales by direct downloads as opposed to digital discs. But the rest is extra profit margin for Sony.

To me, the bigger disappointment is the lack of other hardware and OS level improvements to the Go. While the smartphone industry has been dazzling with rapid innovation, the PSP has been comparatively stagnant. On the positive side, the game are looking much better, and there is a lot more than simple $.99 ports of flash games.

  • James

    In the UK it’s £250. That’s $400 to you. Now that’s expensive.

  • Darrin

    Oh, everything is expensive in the U.K.

  • George

    I find myself using my PSP a lot more than the PS3. It’s simply more accessible. I’m pretty stoked about trying this new form factor. Perhaps the best feature is support for the sixaxis. That should make the PS1 games a lot more playable.

    I think there is a bit more profit in the Go, but I don’t think that is a good thing. There has been a lot of companies going under lately and I think Sony is wise to watch their bottom line; at the end of the day 80$ isn’t going to make that much difference to me, but maybe it will help Sony finance some more games.

  • ehandlr

    I will buy this first day and pay my 250 with a smile on my face.

  • Sinlock

    Don’t really like the fact that there are almost no new features other than bluetooth and thats not that big of a deal. And and now a smaller screen.

  • Sony is also changing to a non-standard cable. Maybe not a big deal for some, but I have enough proprietary cables to keep up with as it is.