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Sony Executive (John Koller) Talks PS3 Slim Rumors |

PS3 Slim

John Koller was essentially backed against a wall with a sudden barrage of questions on the PS3 Slim. His demeanor completely changed once the inquiries started with alleged leaks.

“I’d love to live in a world with fewer leaks and more meat,” Koller responded to the questions. Apparently when responding he became a little more stone faced, leaned away and seemed to be in an uncomfortable position.

If you ask me…I personally feel this is coming down the pike and they want to clear the current shelf space. With that said, I also believe a price drop going to come before the slim arrives.

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  • Blackstaffer

    I just hope that it’s not as ugly as in that pic.

  • SicSemperTyranis

    That’s what I was thinking. I always kind of liked the look of Sony products but not this.

  • ehandlr

    Someone did a reconstruction with the individual parts that have been shown on photoshop and when put together it actually looks like a mini PS3. I wouldn’t let the individual parts sway you too much.