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May 2009 Hardware Sales |


  • ehandlr

    The overall market crash was insane. Japan is going through something very similar. Its not a good past couple of months to be in the video game market.

    With that said…Infamous hit the top 5 with 179,000 sold NPD.

  • Darrin

    Infamous sales aren’t bad, but the UFC game sold over twice that on the PS3 alone and over five times that on both PS3/360 platforms.

  • mcloki

    People are waiting for the price drop on the PS3. I expect a price drop when Madden 10 comes out.
    I’d like tp hear some of the specs for the PS3 slim.

  • Trieloth

    Economic downturn plus crazed compation from a american console plus price difference equals less PS3 sold in the US. Is this supposed to be surprising?

  • May of 2008 numbers tell a different story.
    [675.1K] Wii
    [452.6K] Nintendo DS
    [208.7K] PlayStation 3
    [186.6K] Xbox 360
    [182.3K] PSP

    It’s not about the price or competition I think. Right now it’s the reccession taking hold.

  • JimmyMagnum

    percentage of sales wise, Wii really took a hit and is almost level with the other 2 now, despite being a heck of a lot cheaper. Given the price of the base model PS3, though, it’s doing really good compared to the other, cheaper systems