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PS3 VidZone Launches Today in Europe |


The free to use and ad supported Music Video service for PS3 launches today in Europe territories with 10,000 videos at launch. I really hope they bring this to NA or I can at least gain access via my European account. I’d really like to check this out. You can create playlists, stream videos and stream concerts.

  • jerryhat

    Currently you get an error message saying it’s too busy. And for some reason it installs itself to the Picture menu. But could be pretty cool, a sort of Spotify for music vids.

  • jerryhat

    Sorry, Music menu. That makes more sense, but I looked for it on the Video menu. Silly me.

  • giz

    lets change, we give you the vidzone, and we get the video store ;]

  • well .. atleast you get a “too busy”. All I get is a big NOTHING because I live in Denmark … thank you Sony !

  • PalleO

    I too live in Denmark. I have tried finding Vidzone nearly every day since I read about it, but can’t find it in PlayStation Store, even if I use the search function.

    Is it because Vidzone can’t be downloaded in certain countries?