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PS3 VidZone Launches Today in Europe |


The free to use and ad supported Music Video service for PS3 launches today in Europe territories with 10,000 videos at launch. I really hope they bring this to NA or I can at least gain access via my European account. I’d really like to check this out. You can create playlists, stream videos and stream concerts.


  1. jerryhat

    Currently you get an error message saying it’s too busy. And for some reason it installs itself to the Picture menu. But could be pretty cool, a sort of Spotify for music vids.

  2. jerryhat

    Sorry, Music menu. That makes more sense, but I looked for it on the Video menu. Silly me.

  3. lets change, we give you the vidzone, and we get the video store ;]

  4. well .. atleast you get a “too busy”. All I get is a big NOTHING because I live in Denmark … thank you Sony !

  5. I too live in Denmark. I have tried finding Vidzone nearly every day since I read about it, but can’t find it in PlayStation Store, even if I use the search function.

    Is it because Vidzone can’t be downloaded in certain countries?

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