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Sucker Punch explains why they develop exclusively on the PS3 |


Obviously, going cross platform enables a game to sell to a larger user base. Why has Sucker Punch, an independent studio, chosen to stick with PlayStation exclusive development? Joystiq explains:

While the exec notes without reservation that the studio is in this business to make money, he adds that you “have to be careful about being greedy.” He adds that the pursuit of dollars has to be weighed against other things, like enjoying what you do for a living, publisher relations and game quality.

So partly because of the simplicity of focusing on one hardware platform, and partly because of improved publisher relations, but also, a big part of their choice is plain personal preference. They enjoy working with the PS3 and they are probably PlayStation fans on their own time as gamers, not just as developers.

Notice that they did NOT spew venom and bash the 360 or the PC, or fabricate technical reasons to rationalize their preference (we are too small a developer, the other technology is difficult to use, we have a hatred of their architecture, etc).

BTW, there are plenty of very respectful 360-exclusive developers as well. Remedy is a high-quality developer that’s been very respectful on these topics. Epic, the studio behind the 360 mega-exclusive Gears of War, has extensively and graciously complimented the PS3 and competing titles like Resistance.

  • well put.

  • teflon6678

    Makes sense and its fair enough. I think that being a 2nd party developer to Sony is a pretty nice position for a number of dev houses because Sony obviously look after their own. Its not like MS where theyve had a few developers leave them now for whatever reason.

  • SicSemperTyranis

    I think that the big deal with being a second party developer for Sony is they really let them do their own thing. I guess Sony could have forced them to make Sly Cooper 4. Plus, having Sony’s money and marketing (such as it is) probably doesn’t hurt.

  • Richard

    you know what, I just realized if Valve refused to develop games for the only console I owned, I would also be just as emotional about it, so actually I understand the reaction. You’re still wrong and overly hurt over Valve’s reasons (excuse me, invented reasons, lol) for not making PS3 games, but maybe they’ll make some more in the future and you can be happy again.

  • I could care less about Vavle since they make nothing I want to take a second look at. I know that may be different for others though.

    Back on topic, it’s nice to know not everyone can be persuaded by greed these days.

  • That should be *can’t.*

  • mcloki

    The game is very good as well. Nice sense of scope. I like the collection element and the story is good. I’m glad that Sucker punch is developing for the PS3 because this game is a pleasant surprise.
    Sucker punch should be allowed to try and get a new IP out the door. Infamous can easily be a franchise. Releasing a sly cooper 4 next year would be great. The Ps3 seems to becoming into its own on the game front. It took a while but now’s a great time to be or become a Ps3 owner.

  • Jonaskin

    Infamous is one of the best games I’ve played in ages. Close to being my favourite PS3 game, Uncharted may still have a slight edge. That being said I haven’t finished inFamous yet so it may come out on top once it’s done.