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FFXIII Info and New Images |


* In the game, any summon can transform.
* The driving mode with Shiva is pretty much like an action game. Use the sticks to move around freely, the buttons to attack.


* The crystals involving Snow and Lightning? Snow’s is shaped in the form of a heart, Lightning’s is a rose.
* Know that kid who was arguing with Snow during the E3 trailer? He’s half the age of Snow, more info will be revealed on him in the summer.


* Vanille’s i’Cie mark? It’s somewhere secret with Toriyama stating it’s in “an amazing place”
* The relationship between Lightning and Snow is a mystery, but we’ll know more about it soon.


  • FFXIII, Resonance of Fate, WKC. 3 big rpgs all set to release in Spring or first quarter ’10 in the states.

    And since everyone and their cat will be buying FFXIII I’ll have to pick WKC day one.

  • Trieloth

    The game should be really cool but the ground/grass looks so stupid flat. It looks like green ice. The guy at gamestop was trying to get me to reserve this for the threesixzero already, sigh. How many discs is the 360 version suppose to have?

  • Next time someone tries to get you to buy this for the 360 just remind them that since Sony currently owns 8% of SE it doesn’t matter which version you buy. A purchase for the 360 version is more money for Sony at the end. hehe.