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I have created a community portal for the members of this site. You can use the same log in as this site too. Plus it’s AJAX so no need to refresh the page. Anyone can view it, but only members of can participate.

Basics rules:

1. Don’t start a post or comment with a URL
2. Use tags when possible. If you want to use more than 1 tag just separate it with commas.
3. Have fun

Think of it like a Twitter just for us, or a forum in a way. Hard to explain, head over to to try it out. We could use it to plan game nights, if you want to move the chat from the Live Shoutbox over to the community side you could. Just a FYI only the last 35 comments show in the Shoutbox. Post PS3, PSP, HDTV related stories there if you want. Just some thoughts, you can use it however you wish within reason.

I put the latest posts and comments from the community in the right sidebar of this site.

  • JimmyMagnum

    on the side, where it says Community posts, I’d extend the length of the post a little more, probably to about 3 lines max, and move it up above the poll

  • I moved the Community Posts feed up higher. I’ll look into making the length of post longer.