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Sacred 2: It’s a Love Hate Thing |

Last night I was really annoyed at Sacred 2. I was trying to play with a friend. These are my experiences:

Hello? Steve? You there?
How about now?
Stupid little…

First, when I got into the game, it kicked me out again right away. Host closed session, or something like that. But my friend hadn’t closed the game, so that was annoying. This happened again later.

Later, I got magically signed out of PSN and therefore got kicked from the game. This never happens to me. This sounds like a PSN thing, not a Sacred 2 thing, but with all the problems I’ve been having with Sacred 2, I’m putting my money there.

Several times, voice chat didn’t work. Voice chat, when it does work, works great. Much better than MotorStorm 2, which we were playing the other day right before a session of Sacred 2. But last night, it flaked out on me. At one point turning off my headset and turning it on again worked. Later, not even that worked. I lost voice totally and couldn’t get it working. Yes, my headset was charged.

And last but not least, I tried initiating a trade with my friend, and it got stuck there. We couldn’t exit the menu, we couldn’t complete the trade, it just got stuck. I had to quit the game in order to stop, losing some yummy items I had acquired in the process. (Thankfully not TOO many, because I had begun saving more often.)

I love this game. It’s great fun. So far it’s been a mostly smooth experience. But last night was a huge exercise in frustration. After we quit the game I watched an old episode of Daybreak to make myself feel better. Why that series was ever canned is beyond me. What a great show that was. I have all thirteen episodes and am going through them again.

  • I think it was a PSN problem last night. Me and everyone that was online on my friendslist got kicked off around the same time.

  • Rob

    I haven’t hat the log out issues but I have had a couple other glitches. Only here and there and they tended to affect only one person. For example after exiting a dungeon my entire game froze.

    The headset error is another issue though. I have had a few problems myself when doing 2 player and 3 player private games with friends. What you described fit perfectly. And when I tried a public game my headset died out completely when more than 2 people were in the game. Would miraculously come back when back down to 2.

    The headset error is no doubt Sacred though. No issues with other games and the headset remains connected to the PS3 system. Though for the record this is via Bluetooth. Perhaps a wired USB headset would solve the problem? Haven’t tested it yet myself.

  • Jagger

    how can we go whit the headset in scred 2