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Media Molecule Working on New PS3 Exclusive |


Hardly a surprise, but a job posting says that Media Molecule is expanding and currently working on a AAA PS3 title for Sony.

For those that missed LittleBigPlanet, it is arguably the best of this generation so far. The concept behind the game was excellent, but even more impressive was how well it was realized as a final finished and polished game.

After coming off that high point, Media Molecule must surely have big plans for a follow up.

Could this be a sequel to LittleBigPlanet or a completely new game in the same user-created content space?

(thanks ps3center)

  • Pungyeon

    Well, as one of the people who thought Little Big Planet was more of an achievement than anything else (because I think the game itself was pretty run of the mill), i really hope they choose to expand to a different area.

    maybe a kart racer!? (LOL)

  • Darrin

    A user-content centric Kart Racer? I think ModNation Racers already has that niche covered.

  • mcloki

    OK Here’s the Elevator Pitch.

    Sackboy + Mario Galaxy + LBP + Motion Control.

    That’s right an editable Mario Galaxy World like creation game featuring our favourite Sony Mascot Sackboy.
    First AAA Motion Controller Game.

    I’d buy it without the ability to create my own 3-D world.