Is Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete Worth It?


I decided to “upgrade” my copy to the Blu-ray version. Man I’m glad I did, the visual quality is outstanding. Plus the extra scenes (26 minutes worth) really help complete the story actually. Some small details you’ll notice is the characters now get bloody and dirty during the battles. More so during the Sephiroth battle.

So is it worth it? I say yes. It’s only $22.99 right now at Amazon so that’s not bad. It was the 2nd best selling Blu-ray during it’s first week of release in America too.

According to the Nielsen VideoScan BD charts, the film trailed the #1 BD release, Paramount’s Defiance film, by only 14% in sales.

Advent Children Complete reportedly sold over 100,000 copies on its first day in Japan in April, although there were three different versions issued in that country on that day. The original North American and European DVD releases of Advent Children sold 1.4 million copies as the #1 anime DVD release of 2006.

The extras aren’t bad either. They have 2 or 3 videos that give you a brief overview of the actually game. Showing some of the CGI movies and gameplay from FFVII and other titles relating to FFVII as well. I myself got board watching them after a while though. Then an back story of Denzel, which is Anime not CGI, which as good.

Final Fantasy VII: ACC Was #2 U.S. BD in First Week

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  1. #1 by Trieloth on June 29th, 2009

    Man this movie is a MUST HAVE! The extra stuff added to the story alot and made it really enjoyable and not so …boring

  2. #2 by ehandlr on June 29th, 2009 [ 44542 Points ]

    I’m a loser…I bought both JP and NA versions lol. Cost me wayyy too much.

    But I completely agree with you as it is a truly awesome purchase. I’ve watched it twice and have been wanting to throw it in there again recently.

    The Case of Denzel followed really close to the written story. I hope they do the same with a Case of Tifa.

  3. #3 by Fleakitten on June 29th, 2009

    I wish Cloud and Sephiroth would just kill each other already so SE can work on milking FFVIII. I want to see Squall in 3D!

  4. #4 by Stan Geronimo on July 12th, 2009

    The best hand-to-hand combat in the entire history of animation is the scene between Tifa and Loz in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

  5. #5 by EdEN on October 25th, 2010 [ 136069 Points ]

    I was thinking about trading in my DVD copy for credit and paying the difference for the Blu ray edition when I realized you had made this post. Glad I found it since I’ll be upgrading next month.

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