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Uncharted 2: New Info From Live Chat With Naughty Dog |


Evan Wells gave us a lot of info on Uncharted 2 and explained some of the changes to come.

-Beta was a great success

-New features, maps, boosters and new game modes will be added to the final product.

-Some trophies will be multiplayer based but non that will takes days of grinding to achieve

-No official release date so for now its still “Fall” but release date is coming very soon.

-Only supporting online multiplayer. No split screen option.

-Different enemies will react differently to close combat melee. Some counter, others won’t let you near them.

-Not all multiplayer and cooperative modes have been announced yet.

-Variations on all competitive modes that focus on specific kinds of weapons.

-Cinema mode that allows you to playback any of your matches from any angle.

-There will be another Beta that is easier to access by all.

-Drakes Journy takes him from Turkey to Borneo, Nepal, Tibet and the Himalayas.

  • JimmyMagnum

    All the locations being revealed was probably the biggest news, quite a few places there. I am totally looking forward to this game and it’s definitely going to be a day one purchase for me. As is God of War 3. Sony seriously has the best first party titles out there, no question.