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MAG Developer Diary – Which PMC suits you? |

The video explains the differences between the PMC’s. Hopefully they release a beta or demo of this. I would love to try it out. If I got this game I’ll probably go with Raven or SVER. What about you?

I think this game has great potential, hopefully people give it a chance.

MAG Raven new MAG Valor newMag SVER new

New MAG Developer Diary — PMCs


  1. JimmyMagnum

    I’d go with SVER. Don’t need no fancy s**t and they’re rugged as hell :P.

  2. Blackstaffer

    Yeah, it’s a good question. Raven fits my personality more, but this is a video game, so I might just go with SVER just because they’re the opposite of who I am.

  3. I think S.V.E.R and raaven will attract to many noobs so im going with valor

  4. can you really only pick one and only one faction. i like valor alot but i want to play with all the guns of the game

  5. I’m not sure. Can anyone with the game answer this?

  6. dunny84

    you can change sides once you have fully ranked up.

  7. Lordofmylife

    What’s the highest level? And when you change factions, do you stay at the same level, or do you go back to level 1?

  8. Once you’ve picked a PMC/faction, you’re stuck with it until you reach lvl. 60. Once you’ve done this you can play veteran on another PMC, starting from lvl. 1 again.

  9. MrLucky52

    How do you determin your spec?

  10. Valor raven and sever all have the same weapons but they r a little different in damage and crap but I went with valor cuz ravens a bunch of nerdy geeks playin with their high tech toys severs a bunch of freaking terrist and valors just a normal us army

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