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The website for PCB Productions has confirmed that SOCOM 4 is in development. They seem to be involved with motion capture for the game and have confirmed the game is in development even though Sony has not.

Zipper only has a few months left with MAG I believe and Slant Six should mostly be done with Fireteam Bravo 3 for the PSP…so it makes sense…but who?

PCB Production Site

Written by: Eddie - Contributing Editor

  1. #1 by Smegmazor on July 6th, 2009

    Wow. Who is developing Socom 4? Slant 6? Zipper? If it’s Slant 6 I predict the game will be collecting dust on the shelves. The community ain’t too happy with how the game is running. However, if MAG is a success and Zipper decides to take back the Socom reins, then it will be bliss.

  2. #2 by Riggins44 on July 6th, 2009

    Agree with you bro. The latest Socom has been a disaster. I feel like I have been playing a Beta for 6 months. The fact that games that came out later have had multiple map packs, and Slant Six is still working on fixing the core game itself speaks volumes about just how broken it was when it came out.

    It is a shame, b/c I logged HOURS on Socom 1-3. Hope like hell that Zipper is back in control.

  3. #3 by Eddie on July 7th, 2009 [ 44602 Points ]

    According to the latest GI…it basically says that Zipper has no plans on doing any SOCOM’s right now….so this is most like Slant Six.

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