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Sony Patents New Motion Control Technology |

Sony has filed a new patent allowing the PlayStation Eye to scan everyday objects for in-game use. According to

The patent details a system where a camera can map in any real world item, reports Siliconera. Examples given include a coffee mug, drinking glass, books and bottles, however the mapping system is expected to be able to identify any three dimension object.

It’s definitely sounds far improved from an old tech demo from a while back where it would scan 2D objects and turn them into tanks.

There currently aren’t any videos available showcasing the technology, but Siliconera has pictures and information from the patent here. The patent explains that the above examples are also outlined, but the figures show a U-shaped object as an example.

  • Seems like a great idea. Would like to see how this works in motion though.

  • JimmyMagnum

    IMO, it sounds like similar tech to what Project Natal is trying to achieve (remember the demo video, with the skateboard, that somehow magically scanned behind the fingers lmao). Imagine some of the people out there who will scan, ahem, inappropriate toys as objects to use in a game lmao.

  • Eddie

    So tired of motion controls….I am really starting to loathe them.