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Rumor: PSP2 to Sport a Quad Core Processor? |


Eurogamer’s Spanish section believe that they can not just confirm that that PSP2 is in development but that they also have the specs to the PSP2, not the PSP Go. Basically in short, they are saying this is as powerful as the original Xbox but portable.

It is said to boast a newer version of Imagination Technology’s PowerVR SGX543MP which I believe can be found in the Iphone.

Either way I believe this is an unfortunate time to leak, true or not. With the PSP Go awaiting its release right around the corner, this could stall sales for those who won’t mind waiting it out.

  • I for one am perfectly happy with my Nintendo DS as my only portable gameplaying device. I was intrigued by the PSP Go, but news like these are certainly not making me go out and buy a PSP Go right away.

    Besides, I actually don’t even play my Nintendo DS a lot, I prefer reading when I’m on a train or suchlike. But I’ve just purchased Professor Layton and the Curious Village, so that might change. 🙂

  • Eddie

    I have the DSi and a DS Lite. Also have 2 PSP’s and I give my PSP’s alot more attention. I find the games on PSP to have more depth to them I guess. Jeanne D’Arc and Crisis Core are my favorite RPG’s this generation…even over anything any of the big 3 consoles have put out.

  • Blackstaffer

    I don’t think an unsubstantiated rumour about a product everyone knows must be in development anyway will impact the sales of the PSP Go at all.

  • Eddie

    Logically that makes sense…but Glitch is the very first example of a knee-jerk reaction that I think this news will cause.

    I’ve seen this article posted on 7 or 8 major news sources now.

    Then again….the only info we have is the processor. How many years before the PS3 did we get news of the Cell?

  • I wouldn’t call it a knee-jerk reaction exactly. I mean, I haven’t gone out and bought a PSP yet either and it has been out for how long? Four years?

    It’s just that I haven’t really found anything on the PSP that I really really wanted to play so much that it’s made me buy it. I am actually quite comfortable with my single console (PS3) and my single hand held (Nintendo DS) and as I said I rarely use the Nintendo, because when I’m at home, I prefer to play the PS3 and when I’m out I prefer reading. So there’s not much incentive in the first place to buy a PSP which means that if rumours begin to fly that there is a new PSP on the (far) horizon the incentive to buy a PSP (Go) is decreasing even more. But I might buy it, I’m kinda intrigued by the patapon games for instance, but then again I might not buy the PSP (GO) or the possible future PSP, since it might not see much use because of the reasons given above.

  • Sinlock

    If based on this rumor being true, I’d have to say SONY’s marketing on it mobile devices is going haywire. It’s getting like the American car makers.
    “Come on in to test drive the brand NEW 2011 PSP-XLS Delux with LED bases eye tracking” “If you Pre-Order now get a 10% discount on the Super++ Ewok Attack Bundle… All this for only $350…Act now”