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MAG Developer Diary – Command and Control System |

I’m liking what I’m seeing so far. I would still like to try it out before hand though. I tried out the latest Socom and honestly I got bored quickly. The Command and Control System seems well thought out. I like how you can direct your squad to a certain area. Think you’ll pick this game up?

While MAG breaks new ground with 256 players and unprecedented online action, the game’s sophisticated command and control system involving eight-on-eight, squad-based combat allows each player to influence the larger battle and climb through the ranks to lead his or her own squad, platoon, and army.

Via PlayStation Blog

  • Kenneth Harris

    Absolutely…I’m all over this game. Wishful thinkin on my part I’m sure but this is really shaping up to be BEAST!!!

  • Riggins44

    I hope that the gameplay does not mirror many of the videos that they have shown. Nothing worse than a walk five feet, get dead, shooter. IF the structure of the orders works and people have incentive to follow them, then this could be pretty damn cool. If it devolves into a free for all, like many of the current shooters, then I will pass.

  • The points per mission accomplished should be *massive* like the games title, otherwise it will just be a frag fest. Killzone 2 suffers from this as well. Detonating / placing a bomb should give you mad points upon mission success (e.g 20, why the hell not, you are making your team win). Currently you get 5-6 points. You can get the same amount of mission points in body count by killing 3 people, yet you can be killed gazillion times and make your team lose, and still make more points than the person who made the team earn a point in search and destroy.

    If they can give you extra points for staying with your team (except for snipers), object completion, etc, we may have a winner in our hands.

  • Smegmazor

    I am definitely picking this game up. I’ve been waiting a long time for this type of game to be created. What I like most is that the player is pretty much forced to try and complete the objectives as opposed to most Pop Shooters where players just run around without any organization.

    Can’t wait

  • GABE

    would this game have clans or what are some features it gives??