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Will White Knight Chronicles be overshadowed by FFXIII? |

The Ps3 is finally getting a decent flow of jrpgs. The rpg flood gates have already opened in Japan this year with the release of  Demon’s Souls and Gust’s Atelier Rorona. These will be  followed by the PS3 version of  Tales of Vesperia from Namco, Last Rebellion from NISA,  End of Eternity ( aka Resonance of Fate for NA )  from Sega and, of course, FFXIII.

Unfortunately, 2 of the biggest and most anticipated rpgs, FFXIII and WKC, are both scheduled for a spring or 1st quarter 2010 release  outside of Japan. If these two release within the same month, I think  WKC will  get lost under the FFXIII hype. Which will be a shame. WKC offers online and offline game play. Plus Level 5 is adding tons of extra content for the NA and EU versions that is and isn’t  in the Japanese version, like the  town creation feature found in the Dark Cloud series.

If I have to choose between FFXIII and WKC, I’ll be picking up WKC. Just because it’s a new IP and I wasn’t too impressed with the FFXIII demo ( then there’s the Shiva Sisters content that isn’t necessary.) But that’s just me.

What about you?

  • Yeah White Knight will be overshadowed by FF13. But my guess is, that White Knight will be bought by a lot of people after they have played through FF13. So it will sell. I know that I’ll probably get both, but in the manner described above.

  • I don’t know. I remember how Shadow Hearts got left in the dark because it was released around the time same time as FFX.

    The fisrt 6 months of ’10 is looking good for the PS3 with GOW3 and Heavy Rain possibly releasing in that time frame. I think WKC is going to have a tough start.

    I hope Sony/Level 5 knows better than to pit WKC against FFXIII though.

  • kevin

    i was lookin forward to ff13 for AGESSSS but recently after reading up on alot of WKC info im more lookin forward to it. the online play and georama feautures sound amazing. does anyone know if there will be a seperate bill for the online play like final fantasy online games or will it be free?