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Relentless Software Developing Murder Mystery Game Exclusive to PSN |

Blue Toad Murder Files
Relentless Software, developer of the popular Buzz franchise, today announced that they are straying away a little bit from the trivia games to bring us a murder mystery game called Blue Toad Murder Files, their first self-publishing title. Not too many details about the game, besides it being an episodic adventure. According to the game’s official site, we won’t be seeing any real information until September.

Executive Director David Amor has told Joystiq:

We’re really excited to be self publishing this. The murder mystery genre has been a staple in TV, books and movies for years and we think we’ve come up with a great videogame interpretation.

According to, the game will be released in December. There is also an interview they had with David Amor and Andrew Eades available here.

  • Eric

    I’ll probably wait and see on this. Hopefully a bundle of the episodes will be released on the PSN. Personally, I don’t know how well this will translate to a game, but we will see. Spoilers might ruin the game!

  • Darrin

    Wow, awesome news. Buzz was an awesome series (I was hoping they were going to take that genre further), and the mystery genre is completely undeveloped. Sounds exciting!