The PSEye:Natal

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Sony said, here, that the PS Eye already has facial recognition just like Project Natal.

“We’ve got a wealth of libraries available,” explained head of developer services Kish Hirani.

Like most gamers out there, I’m left wondering, “Where are these games that support this camera.”

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5 thoughts on “The PSEye:Natal”

  1. yeah, they’ve had it for a while, not sure if you saw my post about the motion control tech that Sony patented that scans objects in 3D, but even that’s more advanced than Natal, but since Natal is from MS, a company that has big ties with American sales, people ate it up and claimed that Sony can’t even do that. Here’s my patent topic:
    combining the wand controller with this ability is better than anything MS has right now. Natal is just overrated tech that’s been around for a while, repackaged to make you think it’s revolutionary because it’s gonna have a better ad campaign. A few years down the line, I think, the motion control fad will wear off.

  2. At this point, MS see’s it as the consoles own “re-release” of the console, just like the PSP Go. Being the fortune teller I am, I see that there will tones of shovel ware titles for the casual audience. That, and they’ll try to implement it into some of their hardcore titles. Which some will and will not use.

    I don’t know about sony’s “no name” motion controller. It looks good, 1:1. But meh, we’ll see.

  3. This is obvious. Natal is an improved implementation, not a completely new idea.

    PS Eye (and PS2 EyeToy) was the first to bring this type of full motion-control to market, but they haven’t delivered amazing content on top of that beyond novelty titles and tech demos. And honestly, I’m skeptical that anything we saw at E3 (Natal, PlayStation Motion, Wii MotionPlus) will do that.

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