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The Weekly Recap (July 5-11) |

The Weekly Recap
Since we now get a good constant flow of news pouring in daily, I’m going to try to do weekly recaps every Sunday. This one is a bit late, though, so it’s going to be about 3.5 days until I post the news from this week (new idea). I’m not going to include the QuickNews section, since that doesn’t update nearly as often, nor the store updates. I’m aware there is an ‘Archives’ section, but most people only check the front page. Anyways, here goes:

Infamously sexy?
Trev – July 5th

Atlus Spoils Demon’s Souls: Deluxe Edition Details.
fleakitten – July 5th

Sony Patents New Motion Control Technology
JimmyMagnum – July 6th

SOCOM 4 In Development
Eddie – July 6th

Battlefield 1943 this Thursday??
riggins44 – July 6th

Dante’s Inferno Gameplay Footage
Tosh – July 6th

Rumor: PSP2 to Sport a Quad Core Processor?
Eddie – July 7th

Sony’s Eric Lempel on PS3 Updates & Firmware Rumors Part 1 of 2
Eddie – July 7th

Best Buy PS3 Bundle – Includes MGS4 and Killzone 2
JimmyMagnum – July 7th

Bioware “Really Pumped” To Work on the PS3
Eddie – July 8th

Sneak out and get MGS4:LE for $9.89
Tosh – July 8th

MAG Developer Diary – Command and Control System
Tosh – July 8th

Will White Knight Chronicles be overshadowed by FFXIII?
fleakitten – July 9th

Sony BRAVIA HDTV’s gets Netflix streaming, PS3 left out
Tosh – July 9th

Ghostbusters demo impressions.
Trev – July 9th

Uncharted 2 New Trailer is Story Heavy
Eddie – July 10th

Upcoming Killzone 2 Patch and DLC Details

JimmyMagnum – July 10th

PS3 to pick up famed 360 exclusive?
fleakitten – July 11th

Contributor of the week: Eddie – 5 entries

So far, it’s looking like next week’s recap is going to be even bigger…

  • Trev

    oh man you’re keeping score? i better shape up!

  • Good idea, use the “Weekly Recap” category for future posts.

  • JimmyMagnum

    no prob!