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PSP Go development issues. |

iPhone developers Johnny Two Shoes and Firemint were interviewed by Eurogamer and were asked if the PSP Go could compete with Apple iPhone’s App store, they were hesitant of its chances;

“If Sony’s App Store also let you sell games to people with a regular, existing PSP model, that would be a much more attractive prospect,” he says.

“There are nearly 50 million of those out there already. Even if you only sold to a fraction of one percent of those people, it’s a significant number of sales. And even if the PSPgo sells great from day one, it’s going to take a long time before it starts getting anywhere near those numbers.”

It seems the PSP Go could have a tough start against an established competitor (sound familiar?) but in time prove successful. I guess only time will tell…

  • SicSemperTyranis

    I’m confused, I thought that the PSP store was compatible with any PSP? Did I miss something?

  • I am surprised as well, if the app store is not compatible with existing hardware, Sony will be making a fool of themselves.

  • Eddie

    It is compatible with all PSP’s.

  • this just shows that the quoted developer is clueless. there is no reason for any psp downloadable “apps” to be pspgo-only, unless it uses bluetooth.

  • JimmyMagnum

    i guess it’s because the PSP Go uses internal memory and thus they think that that’s the only way to play downloadable games on the PSP lol. I guess the memorysticks we’ve been using since the PSP-1000 came out never really existed.