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Dissidia Final Fantasy Demo Tomorrow on PSN! |


I’ve been waiting for this game so long and I’ve heard nothing but praise from the Japanese importers.

FF Dissidia is a new game genre of its own known as an Progressive Action, Roleplaying, Fighting Game. It is a complete fanservice to FF fans of all kinds as it sports the Good and Bad guys of all the major FF’s in the series.

Release date August 25th!

Here are list of the playable characters:

FF1 – Warrior of Light
FF2 – Firion
FF3 – Onion Knight
FF4 – Cecil Harvey
FF5 – Bartz Klauser
FF6 – Terra Branford
FF7 – Cloud Strife
FF8 – Squall Leonhart
FF9 – Zidan Tribal
FF10 – Tidus
FF11 – Shantotto
Other – Cosmos

FF1 – Garland
FF2 – The Emperor
FF3 – Cloud of Darkness
FF4 – Golbez
FF5 – Exdeath
FF6 – Kefka Palazzo
FF7 – Sephiroth
FF8 – Ultimecia
FF9 – Kuja
FF10 – Jecht
FF12 – Gabranth
FF1 – Chaos

  • Looks awesome. Never saw a gameplay video until now. May have to pick this up 🙂

  • Lordincubus

    Haven’t even heard of this game until just now. Thank god I caught this, i might have missed it in stores.

  • Eddie

    Really? How could you not hear of it? Its everywhere hehe. I’ve had the info from this game shoved down my throat going on 2+ years now I think.

  • There shouldn’t have a possessive at “Hero’s” and “Villain’s.” It’s supposed to be written in plural form–Heroes and Villains.

  • Shouldn’t *be. Grammar Nazi gets it wrong WTF.

  • Eddie

    Thanks Mike!

  • Max

    What? What does all that mean?