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LittleBigPlanet Reaches Over 1 Million Levels! |

WOW is the word to use here (because your jaw hitting the floor and making a *thud* sound isn’t exactly a word). This is simply amazing! According to the developers:

Just think, this means that a new level has been published roughly every 21 seconds since LittleBigPlanet launched.

They have also mentioned that all the levels have been played a total of 244 million times. That’s plain ridiculous! If you haven’t yet played LBP, once you’ve played the superb in-game levels/story mode, check out the user generated levels! Some are awe inspiring and even better than the ones that came with the game!

Also of note, MediaMolecule will have an announcement on August 18th. Given the time period between now and then, it’s going to be some big news. LBP2? More LBP for PSP info? A different game all together? It’s to be seen, but until then, get on LBP and check out the 1 million plus user created levels! Original post located on the Official PlayStation Blog.

  • I really need to get back into this and try out more levels. I myself just created and published one level. And it was ok I guess, it was fun to make.

    I have a vague idea for another level, but not enough to get started yet.

  • Everytime I get started on a level it looks pathetic compared to what everyone else has put out. ><

  • Exactly how I feel sometimes, lol. It’s amazing what people come up with.

  • Trev

    awesome achievement. although there’s a fair few thousands of levels that are just trophy stat padding. There are some impressive levels out there though. least of all mine.