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The ten year life plan, and competition. |

To Sony, their “life” for consoles are about ten years. I’m not sure they stop production of that particular console on the exact ten year day or not. (Which in fact would be incredibly funny to me, “well its been ten years, time to shut down.”) But this is more about strategy, marketing and excuses.

Strategy wise– Its smart, because costs go down over the year, parts get smaller and by the end they make some profit.  Even if they aren’t making a profit now, they will later.  That and I have a feeling their not feeling the competition by other competitors. I’m basing this all on the so called price drop that hasn’t came as of yet. If the PS3 Slim rumor is true and it comes out this August, I’ll take back what I said.

Marketing– So-So, In the beginning the advertising has been strong but for their new titles that came out, not really. LittleBigPlanet got little marketing push, gamers such as myself knew about it and bought it. But, none of my family has even heard of such a title. inFAMOUS had a huge marketing push on the internet with ads and such, and commercials for the first 3 weeks after release.

Excuses– How many times have you heard Sony say, “We’re following a ten year life plan, we do not comment on rumors or speculation.” And most of the time the rumor is true? I have. And if they want things to not be “Leaked”, then they should keep a better control on the matter. This is based on the of the Qore episode with the PSP Go revealed and this was their own fault it was “Leaked”

I can’t comment on the PlayStation 1’s ten years, since I wasn’t here for that generation. I was too busy on my Nintendo 64. Sue me :]

PlayStation 2’s Ten Year- In the beginning it started off slow with Ico, and some other titles I can’t remember. And, titles started piling up by the third year in its cycle. That’s when the “word of mouth” came around, and in a way that was marketing. Those who don’t watch television often, this is for them. By the 5th year we had series going on, and it was great. (such as Jak and Daxter, Devil May Cry, Kingdom Hearts, Metal Gear Solid etc.) I believe the Xbox came around the second year and the gamecube the third. And obviously since competition arrived, better titles started coming out. And such, by the end of the 7th year the PlaySation 3 came out. But the PS2’s lineup was still strong with titles like God Of War 2, and Rogue Galaxy. And its still going on till this day.

PlayStation Portable– It began with a huge push, everyone knew about it. People used it as media players rather than using Apple’s Ipod. I hadn’t heard a single bad thing about PSP, except that it can break easily but thats not the point. I’m not going to lie, UMD was a dumb idea. But at the time, what else could they have done? Digital downloads? Not very much people had broadband at the time. The titles that came out on the PSP early on were so-so, some were just ports.  Some were fantastic. By the end of the third year, it was platform for unique games. Such as Patapon and Locoroco. In the middle of its forth year, the PSP Go was announced. Their was a lot of mixed feelings about this. More than half of the gaming community were saying it was a ripoff. But, to me, it feels like the PSP is relaunching. And with great titles to come out too, by the end of this year. This is probably the PSP’s greatest year to come for gamers.

PlayStation 3– The launch of PS3 was a huge success, but with a price. Long lines and $600. The first year started off really slow, just like PS2, or any platform for that matter. Since the Xbox 360 was starting its second year in a couple months after launch. It was going to be hard to catch up with titles. Everything is about exclusivity or not. You couldn’t say PS3 wasn’t playing “catch up” for the first year without lying.  By the next year, The PS3 became distinct and was most unique. The PSN titles differed from Xbox’s Arcade titles, by being actual games worth your money. You could say PSN was playing catch up with Live but, the games on the PS3 didn’t need to anymore. A lot of exclusives on the PS3 were amazing and still are. And that was the year of the PS3 (as the internet would call it). Now we’re in our third year and PSN isn’t playing catch up anymore and became its own service.  And I believe this so far has been a great year and more love to come.

Wooo, that was long. Now tell me if you agree with what I had to say or not. Sound off in the comments.

  • JimmyMagnum

    their marketing is crap right now. InFamous was the most advertised game for a while, I’ve seen more ads for that than anything else. One of the best games, Uncharted, I’ve only ever seen ONE commercial for, one time! BTW, both XBox and GameCube were 1 year after PS2’s launch.

    As far as advertising goes, I think PS1 had more success than either of the other two systems. Remember the old PS1 commercials on TV? The guy in the Crash Bandicoot costume? Those aired left and right and were advertising the system itself, as well as the games. The only ads you really see now are for specific games, rarely do they advertise a system outright. There will most likely be a huge push for the PSP Go, but the handheld market shouldn’t be the biggest market (even though the DS sells like crazy). Actual home consoles offer more, and they should have a better marketing scheme for the PS3 than anything.

    As for price drop, they need to make it more around the 360 price. People want the PS3, but settle for the 360 because it’s cheaper. Since sales figures are similar as of right now, imagine how many more systems you could move with a price drop?

    People claim that that’s going to hurt them more because of production costs for the bulkier system, but they are already produced and stores have already purchased those systems, so Sony already got the money for them, it’s the retailers right now that aren’t getting very many sales on them and losing money. Say the Slim model does come out. Are they going to keep the bulky systems at the same price they are now? Probably not, but to clear stock on those quicker, you’d have to sell them for cheaper than the slim model. That way, the retailers will make money off of systems they bought from Sony’s distributors in the first place, rather than buying those systems and having them just sit on the shelves.

    If a slim model is, indeed, coming, then a price drop absolutely has to coincide with it. As for the “leaks” we’ve seen about a slimline model, I absolutely do not believe the pics took are the actual system, because it’s the ugliest design in the world. Sony’s slimline models always looked better than the original system, I’m sure they aren’t going to break that streak any time soon…

  • JimmyStewart

    That’s a fairly nice outlook for the future. I hope it turns around. I seriously thought in the lead up to the 360 and the NXE was going to be the time frame that the PS3 leapt forward in gamer’s minds. It seemed to me that the 360 peaked and was leaving the serious gamers to focus on the Wii-market. Tie that to some terrible DRM issues I was having at the moment and a year that looked to have very few worthwhile exclusives. As a gamer who prefers the console that has the best games and experience at the current moment… my money was literally up for Sony to nab. Since that point they’ve literally dropped the ball. The only PS3 game that’s even on my radar (or that has been for over a year now) is God of War 3. Meanwhile my 360 library continues to grow.

    You can argue it’s a cost issue and that people settle for the 360 as JM said above… but I’d say for every one person that might apply to, there’s about 10 who buy the PS3 for the Blu-Ray player (count me in that group twice). People aren’t settling for the 360, even at the higher price points they preferred it. It’s just got a strong online presence with the live community, friends lists and achievements. It’s got unquestionably the larger and more impressive exclusives list (at least in terms of critical response and gaming popularity), with most of the best PS3 games being third party titles on the 360 as well. It’s got a massive online arcade library, and I think the new rating system will really help to root out the few bad eggs. And while Sony is sitting on the video store as it… MS is about to once again raise the bar with the instantly streamed 1080P video rentals. Now I’m sure the quality in a screen shot comparison won’t be as a good as that from a day long download… but I’ll take the trade off if it’s even half as good as what Netflix can do. And that brings us to Netflix, the staple of my entertainment lately.

    I can use the website to send messages to friends on both the PC and the console, while being able to bring up a site to compare our achievements in the game we’re ‘competing’ in. There are a slew of sites like MyGamerCard and 360Voice that handle that data in increasingly interesting ways. I’m big on stat tracking, one of the reasons I have a Last.FM account to track my playcounts (coming in the next 360 update). I jump around with a private party from game to game with whatever my friends might able to drop in and drop out of us our schedules allow. And when I get some down time I start up some streaming Netflix, my wife and I finally got done catching up on Heroes Season 3. That’s not even mentioning the difference in the gaming libraries… that’s just what the 360 is doing at present that the PS3 still hasn’t caught up to. People aren’t settling for the 360, they’re SELECTING it.

    At this point I should mention the other benefit of my Netflix account is that (mail permitting) we can get a Blu-Ray disc. And that’s the point in my life lately where I turn on the PS3. There just hasn’t been a reason lately to turn it on for anything else. So while I love to read the optimism here, I’m losing it myself. At 3 years in they’ve yet to take the lead on anything and I’m finding myself looking for an excuse to turn it on for a game… and even then I’m coming out empty handed. After E3… besides God of War 3 I really don’t know what I have to look forward to.