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Konami ID’s Going Away |

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010

Yes, Konami ID’s are going away. Starting with the release of Pro Evolution Soccer 2010. What about games that already use the ID? Konami has no plans to patch old games.

Most popular game to use the Konami ID is Metal Gear Online. If your letting the Konami ID stop you from even trying the game. You are missing out. Good news if there is a Metal Gear Online 2 it should be Konami ID free.

Konami ID’s to Be Scrapped

  • Trev

    fantastic news. the biggest reason i chose FIFA 09 over PES 2009 was the terrible online play. hopefully their servers will not experience such lag now.

  • Darrin

    The Konami ID was such a bad idea to begin with. I’m surprised they held on to it this long after such universal disdain. Is it going to be removed from Metal Gear Online via a patch or is this phase-out only for newer titles?

  • Just for newer titles.

  • How hard would it be to patch.. Merging accounts on their end should be easy. They’d have to patch the ui “a little”, most stuff could still be done transparent to the client (for older titles, I mean)

  • Timothy

    plzzz some 1 answer this question, HOW DO I GET RID OF MY KONAMI ID!?!?!

  • Why do you want to get rid of it? Guess you could contact Konami Support to ask them to remove it. Not sure if they would or not though.

    [email protected]