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TGS Sony Keynote Details |


It seems that Sony is going to break their keynote for TGS into 2 parts.

The first part is a keynote from Kaz Hirai titles “Sony Computer Entertainment New Tactics 2009”. With a title like this…you can’t but think there will be some big announcments. One wouldn’t title a keynote this and release a few PSN games.

The second part is going to be a panel discussion titled “Visions and strategies of the top publishers in the golbal era” featuring SCE (Yoshida and Kaz), Square Enix’s President, Capcoms President & CEO as well as Namco’s President.

This will take place on September 24th from 10:30-12:30am (not sure what time zone, probably Japan)

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  • *Crosses fingers for some big exclusive announcements!*

  • Blackstaffer

    Meh, I think that Sony’s already revealed its hand for this year. (Except maybe a GT5 date announcement.)

  • Eddie

    Sony hasn’t revealed their hand. (well as far as we know) but leaks have. We are still waiting on PS3 Slim, Price drop, BC, Cloud, etc.

    Sure some of those are unsubstantiated but some are 100% happening.

    I’m calling it now…either Gamescom or TGS is the PS3 Slim announcment. I’m actually going tiwth Gamescom since its in August and would follow the PS3 Slim + Madden Rumor.

    Either way…I can’t help but believe this is a hardware related title or at the very least not software related.

  • New tactics? “We’re going to start buying exclusives, just like our competitors.”

    Possibly a price drop for later in the year. PS3 Slim? Meh. Not convinced it exists… even if it does, I don’t really care.

  • But can Sony afford to buy exclusives as well as lowering the price I’m not sure. And most people would probably prefer they lowered the price. At least that’s what “the peoplez” on the internet seem to be constantly demanding.