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Compare Trophy Cards. |

To compare you trophies with friends when not at your PS3, visit and log in through the purple bar at the top. You can then browse your friends list and click on their name to be presented with this. In the picture below I have compared my own (Trigga_Tybalt) with Tosh’s (xBeserker) trophy count.

trig tosh trophies

Feel free to compare and post your own below.

  • Trieloth

    Humm, cant you do that at the socom web site also? You can tell if there online…if I remember right. I only have a little over six hundred trophies.

  • Wow, you have a lot more than I, lol. Trophies aren’t a huge deal to me though. They are fun to unlock while playing the game. But I don’t actively pursue them very often.

  • Wow, platinums.. I want to platinum uncharted 1, before I start playing uncharted 2.

  • What I’m missing on the site is the possibility to add people to your friend list from the web. I still think that the way input is provided to the ps3 is akward and I would really like to add a bunch of people of fe the blog here, how dumb is it that I have to write down all the names and then add them one by one with my controller? It’s not natural.

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