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Dante’s Inferno Boss Battle. |

Here’s some footage from God OF War III Dante’s Inferno. Can’t help but notice the similarities with this boss fight even down to the buttons over the body areas to signfy special moves. Those skeleton baby things, sure are creepy though…

  • JimmyMagnum

    God of War 3 is going to destroy this game. Controls look more fluid, the game looks overall better, and has what seems to be a much better story/setting. I’ll probably just rent this one

  • This doesn’t look shabby at all..

  • Emrah :

    This doesn’t look shabby at all..

    Graphics wise it does look good. But I’ll stick with God of War.

  • Kaddas

    There are a lot of Developers that was inspired by God Of War, lets not forget Heavenly Sword, thought H.S is one of my favorites.

  • Ramslash

    for god sakes people stop comparing this game to god of war, yeah, theyre the same genre of game, but people are like “ooh its just too much like god of war” and then you probably go play call of duty which i guess is a rip off of quake, unreal, and every other fps ever made, its the GENRE OF GAME, guess you wont play any new fighting games neither, theyre just a rip off of street fighter and mortal kombat….idiots

  • Lothar

    Lets face God of War wasn’t that fun. And God of War wasn’t even the first game of that type.

  • none ya

    God Of War was way to easy of a game , but it did have a good story line , Dante’s Inferno is based off of a very old poem , I think they
    did a very good job on the game , even the movie .