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Sony doubling PS3 Manufacture Orders |

Digitimes reports that demand for different key PS3 components is roughly doubling.

The most likely explanations:

  1. Sony is gearing up for the launch of a new PS3 model (such as the rumored slimline)
  2. Sony is planning a price drop and is ramping up supply to satisfy the anticipated demand surge.
  3. Both

I’d imagine that Sony is planning to launch the slimline at the same time as the price drop to create a bigger impact than the two events would have separately.

  • JimmyMagnum

    yeah, I’d definitely say it’s option 3

  • Or PS3’s around the world started failing like mine 😛 (kidding of course, but hey, I will be bitter for a couple of weeks because of my PS3’s failure)

  • hi guys,

    option three is the one I support but with a little of option 2 ( I don’t expect a huge price drop ).


  • Still not convinced a slimline PS3 exists, or is even needed.

    I’d say they’re gearing up for a price drop. The report says that orders for “key components” has increased – it says nothing about ‘new’ components… and a slimline PS3 would surely require ‘new’ components, not larger orders for existing ones.

  • Eddie

    Why isn’t it needed? We all know that slimline, color change, etc increase sales especially overseas.

    As far as new components..well sure some new ones. The Cell, RSX, blu-ray drive….what I would consider THE key components won’t change in a slimline model.

  • Well, in my personal opinion, it isn’t needed because there’s nothing at all wrong with the existing one. Black goes with anything, and the current design looks extremely good. If the images of the slim were genuine, then it’s a fugly backwards step, and I wouldn’t want one whatever colour it was!

    As for new components – I’d imagine they would need to be new to fit in a slimmer model. If you put the existing components into a slimmer case, you’re going to suffer from cooling issues and possibly turn the ‘new’ PS3 into an ‘old’ 360, with all the problems that entails.

    While I personally think PS3 is reasonably priced as it is, price is the main sticking point for many people who may otherwise buy a PS3. The design and colour are minor issues in comparison. A price drop would certainly invigorate sales, and should be all that’s needed for now. Then, when they slow down again, that’s the time for a slimmer model and selection of colours.

  • hobbes

    folks, the 2 points i’d like to make. 1st, the components have shrunk a good deal since the original ps3, and i’ve heard there is a lot of ‘free’ space in side the current ps3 shell.
    2nd point, there is a power supply in the ps3, if you take that out, it frees up a lot of room, and reduces the heat levels. the ps2 slim removed the power supply and thus was able to help reduce the size, i believe that combined with the other component size reductions could still mean the slim ps3 could be real. Would be wonderful if there was a 300/200 dollar slim ps3. Still hoping netflix would come to the ps3. Is the 1 reason i’m thinking of getting a 360

  • matt

    Hobbes you make very good points. Why would Sony waste money on a shell they could easily shrink. Releasing a new, smaller version would attract new customers (with a good price drop) and would also get some of the current PS3 owners to buy the new version. The main reason they would release a Slim is to cut costs so they can drop the price.

    This is a great opportunity to create a lot of excitement going into the Christmas season. This current cycle is going to last a few more years and Sony is not done yet. They have to do something drastic to get a larger piece of the pie.

    Uncharted 2 will be a great game they can push along with the new PS3.