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Uncharted 2 Will NOT Have a Mandatory Install |

For those of you who pre-ordered from Best Buy, apparently on the box, it says the game requires at least 1.7GB. Not to worry, though, as Naughty Dog has confirmed that the game will NOT require a HDD install, so those of us who still have the stock hard drive won’t have to worry about another game taking up precious space.

Naughty Dog even posted on their official Twitter account that there is no mandatory installation. According to Arne Meyer (Naughty Dog’s Senior Marketing Manager on NeoGAF), it’s most likely a printing error on SCEA’s part because the required space numbers match that of InFamous.


  • Having upgraded my PS3 to 320GB many months ago, it doesn’t bother me either way.

    But the question remains…

    If Naughty Dog can manage quality titles like Uncharted 1 & 2 without installs, and with no noticeable loading times, how is it that so many 3rd-party developers seem to require installs for their comparatively inferior games?

    More evidence, I think, that some devs are happy to produce mediocrity and as such, aren’t really trying to push things.

  • JimmyMagnum

    infamous was a recent first party title and required an install. I guess it depends on the company and their willingness to learn these tricks for blu-ray discs. the only reason why some games are capable of not requiring install data is probably because of multiple instances of common data on the same disc, so if you’re at a certain part of a game, it doesn’t have to keep seeking for information stored at another part of the disc because that same information would be close to the data that is being presently read. It’s just too bad all these AAA third part titles don’t take advantage of that when Blu-Ray provides the capability. Only thing you’d really have to do is modify the coding a bit so it will seek out a common instance closest to your current ‘level data’ so to speak

  • I can understand installs with so-called ‘sandbox’ games like inFamous, whether 1st or 3rd party, where you can go anywhere at any time and you really need fairly instant random access.

    But games like Uncharted are much more linear in their gameplay. Titles like RE5, DMC4 and the like are all similar in play style to Uncharted (in terms of the linear nature), yet have large installs. While its quality is higher than most, even MGS4 required multiple repeated installs, despite being similarly linear.

    With this type of game, ND are really showing the way, and make other companies appear somewhat lacking in ability and/or commitment.

  • i don’t even remember the install for inFamous. it must have installed quickly, heh.