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Braid to PS3 Says USK |


The German Rating Board (USK) has recently listed and rated “Braid” as coming to the PS3.

For those of you who have been drooling over this highly praised Xbox Live exclusive, keep your fingers crossed!


  1. I guess I need to google Braid ’cause I have no idea what the fuss about it is.

  2. Thepreppymonk

    This is great news.

  3. Fleakitten :

    I guess I need to google Braid ’cause I have no idea what the fuss about it is.

    I haven’t heard of it either. I’m to lazy to Google today, lol.

  4. sweetness.. now just need ikaruga and netflix and no need to get a 360

  5. I bought it on Steam a few months ago. It’s a quite short puzzle/platformer (around 4 to 5 hours in length). Some of the later puzzles are really hard, and the earlier ones are quite fun. Overall it’s a fun game, but I hope it won’t cost as much as on Steam (15$) because I don’t think this game deserves that much.

  6. JimmyMagnum

    Hothead Games confirmed it to IGN, so it’s definite.

  7. I never saw what the appeal was…but cool either way.

  8. Netflix? You can get that on any laptop, computer, most blu-ray players, most new HDTV sets, or $100 Roku box without having to buy a $90 360 WiFi adapter or Xbox Gold subscription.

    That should be the last reason to buy a 360…

  9. Trieloth

    I have played this and I wasnt impressed at all. The backgrounds are cool and are done very well. But the character/enemy designs are garbage. I was drawing better images when I was eight years old…seriously

  10. i’m looking forward to it. i’ve been wanting to play this for a while.

  11. Blackstaffer

    To each his own, I guess. I tried it on a friend’s 360, and wasn’t impressed. I did, however, enjoy Castle Crashers a lot so I’m happy that’s coming to the PS3 too.

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