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Worldwide PS3 Sales Reach Nearly 24 Million |

According to, Sony has released sales figures for the PlayStation 3, saying that worldwide sales for the consoles since it’s release up through June 30th have reached 23.8 million units. That’s not bad. Also released were sales figures for software, including PSN and retail titles, which is at 189.7 million units. Sony still has a ways before they will surpass 360 in sales (which are at 30 million), but I’m hoping for their exclusive titles, which are Sony’s strong point, to help with the sales in the next 12 months or so (as well as that long-rumored slim system and price cut).


  • Not too bad.

    It should be noted that the 360 is only @ 30 mil because of all the RRODs. My brother is on his 4th 360.

  • JimmyMagnum

    yeah, I know lol. but would replacement systems that were under warranty count as sales numbers as well? I am currently on my third 360. At least this one is lasting longer. Only good thing M$ did was extend the warranty to 3 years for the RROD problem. If it happens again, I’m SOL though. Nice thing was the turnaround to getting a replacement system. Didn’t take long at all.

  • hobbes

    i’m on my second ps3, over heating problem on my original 60 gig. praise god for costco!

  • I must say, I already send in my PS3 twice, if it dies a third time and it dies after 3 months, I’ll have to buy my second PS3. It still isn’t as bad as a lot of people who own an XBOX 360 as their main console. At the office where I’m currently working I know 2 people that are already on their third and one that is on his fourth box.

  • sim000

    I am using PS2,haven’t use the PS3.My friend say that PS3 is better than PS2.