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French Website Says 8/18 Pre-Orders for PS3 Slim Start, 9/1 Release Date |


A fairly well known French Website that is generally spot on accurate with info, has stated that on 8/18, pre-orders for the PS3 Slim officially start followed by a September 1st launch date!

I think its about time to put a fork in the “rumor” category because its pretty much official from this point on.

  • JimmyMagnum

    one thing we will probably not know until it is revealed will be the actual system design. Sorry, but the ones that have been floating around the internet are undeniably fake.

  • Eddie

    I think you will find yourself incredibly wrong. While they are user created concepts…we have seen the pieces…we have seen the video…those images were real…there really is no denying that. The entire basis of a PS3 Slim surfaced due to those images.

    there is one photoshop that I used for a post a few days ago that someone reconstructed from the individual pieces and removed the blemishes..its looks really nice.

  • JimmyMagnum
  • JimmyMagnum

    also of note, it wasn’t any form of pics that caused PS3 Slim speculation. It was the fact that the other previous PlayStation consoles had slimline models a couple years after their introduction as well. Since those guys in the link above figured that, they figured they’d cash in on that speculation by making a fake mock-up with parts from another console making it seem legit

  • JimmyMagnum

    another thing, to prove that it isn’t the actual system, let alone, an actual mock-up, is the logo itself. If anything, they would have used the logo they use in the newest trailers (the Spiderman font, but just PS3 instead of the whole word), not a logo that isn’t even trademarked

  • Eddie

    The PS2 didn’t have a slim until almost 5 years after its launch. The real rumors of a PS3 did not start until those picture came to light. Now all of a sudden is more then likely true then a rumor.

    We will wait and see…but my money is on that is the real model.