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Killzone 2 is Full of Schmucks |

Yesterday I tried unsuccessfully to set up a games night in Killzone 2. But I decided to go online anyway and see what fun there was to be had.

First, I searched for games with the new maps, because I’ve bought them and want to play them. For one of the two maps, there were NO GAMES. Not even full games. Can it be that nobody at all was playing this map yesterday at prime time? (Around 9:30pm EST.) For the other map, there was exactly one game. It is very frustrating to buy a map pack and then not be able to play the maps!

I tried a total of three games last night. All three had these two things in common:

The teams were unbalanced. In one game, I joined a team with two players and the other team had nine! How is this fair? How is this even fun? Needless to say, I exited the game before getting very far. The other two games were almost as bad. I play games to have fun, not to be annoyed.

The games were full of spawn campers. All three. And it was pretty bad. In one game I was placed on the side with many more players (why?). And I wandered around the level, and there was nobody to fight! Eventually I found the enemy – being spawn camped by a bunch of people on my team. Where’s the fun in that? So I exited the game.

Are all game players out there always this unsportsmanlike? Sniveling little cowards who don’t know the meaning of fair play? Is this what Killzone 2 has devolved to? This is not fun. Not even a bit. After last night’s experience I really wish for the days where The Mockers were active. Now those were fun games.

  • jerryhat

    Everyone moaned about the spawn grenade invulnerability. They removed it. It turned into a spawn camp. End of story. End of KZ2 for me.

  • Who’s interested in some CoD4 or CoD5 game nights?

  • Mike

    This honestly isn’t much different from any other console shooter right now, other than seemingly odd handling of DLC maps.

    You go into any Call of Duty 4 objective game and half the people on your team are playing it as if it were team deathmatch. The other half camp for head shots to get golden guns.

    Halo 3 must not have been fairing much better if they ditched the team objective playlist altogether. Every time I would play that nobody would ever go for the other team’s flag.

    World at War – same old story. People go into capture the flag but just run around to get killed.

    There are plenty of things developers can do to fix imbalance, such as spawn points and what not, but honestly almost nothing can be done about people pretty much ignoring the way a particular mode is meant to be played. I passed on BF 1943 completely after hearing about the number of people that just run around doing nothing.

    Modern Warfare 2 is most my anticipated game by far right now but I don’t know if I’ll still be playing it by the time the first map pack comes out if people are still just dicking around in every multiplayer mode. Hopefully a number of the challenges involve WINNING and keep people on the right path for a while.

  • Scott Rocketship

    The hell games were you playing? I play almost every night, pick “Quick Join”, and almost always end up in a decent game. Any of the decent games always auto-balance teams. I’m usually in a 30-32 person game with well balanced teams. Sometimes you end up getting your ass handed to you, but compared to a lot of games it’s pretty easy to bust out of being spawn camped in Killzone 2. One tactician running like hell with a spawn grenade will get you out.

  • Mr. Rocketship: I was playing the games I mentioned. Obviously you have different luck than I do.

  • teflon6678

    The problem with playing on the new maps is that they are difficult-ish to find. You can’t search for the particular map you want, because that will only bring up servers which are using solely that map.
    Instead head into the server list with all games and scroll down till you find a server which has got a few of the new maps on it. Generally there’s going to be a few.

    Not finding a decent server is likely why you were lumbered with a really unbalanced and rubbish game. Spawn camping, as in base camping, is just what you get in some games. Leave and find a new server.
    As for the ones dropped by tacticians, there’s a lot of idiots out there who drop spawn points in really poor places. Those are the ones that get camped, and it kind of serves them right…

    Give it another go when you can, and go through the full server list as I said, which now gives you all the details you need to pick the server for you. 99% of the time you’ll find some great games to join.

  • Trieloth

    Have you played Cod:waw MP lately? Nothing but MP40’s that kill you in half a second and campers. I just link up my PS3’s and play nazi zombies now with my buddies that come over. Iam more into co-op games lately MP stuff has turned to crap.

  • I played a game last night. Our team had them pinned in there spawn area. Eventually they had us pinned in ours. I went upstairs at our base and repaired a mounted machine gun and mowed them down, that helped my team get out of our base.

    I don’t like the 32 player fragfest. I prefer the medium sized 9-16 (is that right?). I got a hold of a flamethrower too, but I didn’t get to kill anyone with it.

    The most fun I’ve had playing Killzone 2 is with the Mockers to be honest. If you don’t want me to butt into the club, let me know.

  • Part of the blame goes to Guerilla giving very low scores for object completion, but very high scores for killing. Kill 3 people in body count, get killed 30 times and make your team lose, but hey, you got more points than the one who planted the bomb!

    If you reward people who kill a lot by putting them at the top of the scoreboard, they’ll just go ahead and do what gives most points, kill a bunch of people. Ppl like to be on top of the scoreboard, that’s a normal thing.

    Bf1943 rewards you a lot for object completion, so that’s a good thing. Your number of death’s are not even mentioned on the standard board, that’s also a good thing, it indirectly lessens the importance of k/d ratio. I still miss Bf1942, but Bf1943 has been a real fresh breath of air after the frag fest that is Killzone2 and COD4.

  • George

    Battlefield 1943 used to have a problem with spawn campers. The solution I found was to turn on Flag Spawn and spawn behind the action as a sniper. Sneak up and snipe them.

    It has not been a problem recently, maybe those people moved on to Killzone.

  • Will

    Part of the problem is that tacticians put the spawn grenades in the worst places. In the middle of alleys, right in front of a door, etc. If I see a spawn point in a stupid place I just spawn back at base. In regards to the base camping I found that a server that has friendly fire on really cuts down on a lot of the camping. As long as the server isnt full of tards they cant spam grenades and just fire blindly like they do with friendly fire off. The trick is to find a server with friendly fire on. Usually noobs always cry about it.

  • Hoodah

    I totally agree. Playing online games without a group of friends is a complete cluster. And since I can’t convince any of my friends to play online with me I end up sticking to single player.

  • That’s why I put together The Mockers. When Killzone 2 was new and interest was high, it worked rather well. Now people have lost interest and moved on.

    If anyone is interested in reviving the Mockers and joining up, please tell me and I’ll add you.

  • Thepreppymonk

    I’m up for it, but I can’t set up games, i’ve been keeping empty promises lately :[

  • trooperoutlaw

    I am very new to PS3 (bought 1 last week). I got Kill Zone 2 with my bundle. Still playing through the game. I jumped online for a match a couple days ago and had no problems. Of course I didn’t buy any map packs for it.

  • teedub

    I agree that this isn’t an isolated incident. This is a primary reason why I’ve never been able to get into online gaming at all. I thought it was due to my age, but I think it’s just a low tolerance for idiots.

  • KZ2 Fan

    I like this game. Enjoyed it so much I decided to get the map packs when they were released as a bundle.

    Same problems as you have. Can’t find many games that include the new map packs as often as I would like, too many base campers, and unfair games in general. So far though, I’ve been able to tell fairly quickly if a game is going to be unfair, so that I can leave and join a different one. But a skill like this should not be required.

    Base camping should not be allowed. Any other spawn on any part of the map you can do whatever you would like, but if I can’t even spawn in my own base and change some settings and options before moving out without dying, then there is definitely a problem. Having a team full of players is no reason to not be able to leave your base. A blowout victory i can handle. But having to spawn witha grenade launcher and randomly shoot until I die to hopefully clear people out of our main building? Ridiculous.