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PS3 proves more profitable than 360 for EA |

EA ‘s latest  quarterly earnings ( ending June 30th ) revealed some surprising news. While the Wii took the cake as the #1 revenue generator @ $161m, the PS3  managed to outperform the 360.

…PS3 with total revenues of $121m, markedly higher than Xbox 360, which generated $73m for EA. The PSP was also a surprise victor over DS with revenues of $38m compared to DS’ $28m.


 You were saying Activision?

  • Blackstaffer

    This is very significant. Market share doesn’t matter to the game publishers. Revenue does.

  • JimmyMagnum

    hopefully publishers will start focusing more on the PS3 versions and show it a little more respect. then port the games over to the 360. Hell, even make some PS3 exclusives

  • Awesome news!

  • Eddie

    Just remember that revenue does not = profit unfortunately.

  • Blackstaffer

    But revenue is a good indicator of profit. By now the PS3 can’t cost that much more to develop for than the 360. The much larger revenue probably more than offsets the higher cost of development.

  • Eddie

    Well what I can’t piece together is where this revenue is coming from. EA games as far as I know generally sells better on the 360. I can’t think of one release the proved the opposite of that. So I’m not sure how its possible to begin with.

    But I agree with you as far as development costs go now.

  • @Eddie, yes, actually that is strange, we had a discussion about it last year.. I am still clueless..

  • Darrin

    Great find

  • Darrin

    You copied my Gravatar. That’s it, I’m changing it 🙂