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Downloadable Content: Is it Worth it? |

Remember the good old days before the 360 and PS3 came along? There really wasn’t any downloadable content to be had with games. You couldn’t even get games patched if there was some major issues. It’s definitely a good thing that that is no longer the case this day and age, but one thing that bothers me is all this downloadable content.

It’s not the content that bothers me, though. I love to have more content for my games. The thing that bothers me is the price of content, especially useless items like the infamous Horse Armor for Oblivion, which cost, at the time, 200 Microsoft Points ($2.50). That’s all it was, too. Absolutely nothing else, no side quest, nothing…

What would be considered justified pricing on DLC? Back when PC was in it’s heyday, there really wasn’t any map packs for, say, first person shooters. Maps were usually free, and sometimes packaged with a game patch (like Coral Sea on Battlefield 1942). Now, since DLC made a name for itself in the home console market, we’re now paying money for more multiplayer maps. Something that used to be free!

I’m really tired of being nickel and dimed to death because devs want to make a quick buck by putting a price on worthless content. There’s always that glimmer of hope there. There are plenty of games that deserve credit. One of the most recent ones would be Midnight Club: Los Angeles. They had a completely free map add-on you can download, and actually adds quite a bit more driving to the game (the South Central map). Of course, it had the car packs at a price, but with the South Central pack that was released along side the map, it not only added cars, but a whole bunch of racing/driving missions and trophies as well, almost justifying the price tag ($9.99).

As far as king of free content goes, though, nothing came close to what Burnout Paradise had. Remember how much free content they gave us? That’s how it should have been! Other than the Metal Gear Solid pack from LittleBigPlanet, there really isn’t much worth paying for on that game’s DLC side. Stuff like costumes should be free…

So, I’ve given you my opinion on the whole thing. What do you guys think? Is DLC worth it? Which DLC would you pay money for? Which game has the best DLC? Let us know in the comments section!

  • hobbes

    some dlc is worth it, imo it’d be smart of game makers and LBP to let’s say, i bought the infamous game, i should get LBP infamous outfits, cross sell things.

    It must add some value. Super star dusts content was worth it.

    Call of duties is way to expensive. Warhawks was definately worth it. So there are some exceptions, but generally DLC is bogus. But as long as folks buy it they’ll still sale it for those prices.

    Fallout 3 DLC that bumps the level from 20 to 30 seems like it’s worth the value. I rarely do buy DLC though. Wipeout fury was really worth it. added much depth do it.

  • As long as they aren’t charging you to unlock “DLC” that’s already on the disc, I don’t mind paying a little extra for some games.

  • JimmyMagnum

    lol, like on RE5 and the “new” multiplayer modes for $5 :P.

  • So far I’d have to say most DLC isn’t worth it. Some of the DLC that is on the store is ludicrous. Stuff like buying a new LBP costume for £1.99 or buying to unlock all cars in a game.

    Have we really turned into such lazy gamers that we now can buy to unlock stuff that is already in the game in the first place but we just can’t be bothered to put the time or effort in? :S

    Wipeout HD’s new DLC looks good value for money though, just a shame there’s so much crap on the Store charged at rip off prices.

    Of course, we all have the choice to not buy any DLC if it doesn’t appeal to us but I fear that some of the absolute chaff will become so popular that more devs will start to pollute the Store with pointless and overpriced DLC.

  • Trieloth

    Most of the time it is worth it. It all depends on how much I like the game. To me lately the CrossEdge game has been giving me the best DLC. Alot of it is free or really cheap. All of it was extremly helpfull. The weapons and outfits help out with the tougher parts of the game for sure. Most of the time they double your stats. Its one of my favorite games but it is not for everbody.

  • Mike

    Outside of the upcoming “Gay Tony” expansion for GTA4 and the eventual MW2 maps, I am done with DLC. I bought the first three DLC for Fallout 3 and then realized if I bought the last two I’d have spent $110 on one copy of a game. Instead I’ll wait until GOTY edition is down to $20 sometime next year. That way the $110 will have actually covered two copies of the game (my 360 is cracking the crap out of the current disc anyway).

    Stuff like Gears 2, World at War, etc. forget it. I could get two or three new games for the combined price of the DLC for those games, or two months of gamefly that would let me play through four or five games.

    It just isn’t it worth it.

  • Kicks

    When a company charges $10 for 2 maps and a zombie level (sadly I may buy one or two) it gets a little out of hand. I just wish that when they charged you for something they gave you more.

  • Darrin

    Tons of great deals and tons of overpriced junk.

    Favorite DLC buys: Wipeout HD Fury, PixelJunk Eden Encore
    Worst DLC buys: All the $1-$2 costumes, wallpapers, and songs. To me this is junk that clutters up the store, although some people actually like this stuff (particularly the extra Rock Band tracks)

    I don’t see why everyone gets so upset and offended about the junk… Just don’t buy it.

  • SystemBlight

    I like DLC at times but many others, i wonder why it wasn’t originally in the game anyway

    I understand games are improving and all that but I worry that people are just going to keep the prices of games where they are and instead leave stuff off so they can get another $20 or so for stuff that should have already been included

  • Thepreppymonk

    Gamer points whaa? Can I use that on my PS3 Console ;]
    Anyways, there are times when they have “deals” and that’s usually when I buy them.
    Like all the encore expansions or all fronts map pack.
    I dislike that it was 6$ for a pack of two maps, when noone plays them.

  • Sakrac

    Ok, so maybe some DLC is worthless, but stating that most DLC should be free isn’t really giving publishers much incentive to add anything after a game is done. I do agree that buying costumes and armor and other meaningless visual changes is entirely pointless and I hope it dies out when enough people have lost enough money on it, but creating completely new levels and new playable avatars doesn’t cost less for the developer after the game is finished than before so in order to offer something post-launch it is fair to charge something for it. What EA did with Burnout Paradise is just awesome but I don’t think a game will have that amount of free support. I think there is a possibility that future games will be cheap to download but there will be lots of (not worthless) DLC to complete the experience.

  • JimmyMagnum

    I’m all for DLC having a price as long as that price is justifiable for the content it provides. Costume packs and stuff like that should be free or, at least, about 50 cents max for four of them (would be hard for LBP because a lot of their packs need licensing and that does cost them money). But on the bright side, if you charge less for the DLC, more people will download it, thus working out in the end.

    Say something costs $10, 100,000 people buy it. That’s $1 million in revenue (before taxing, licensing etc.). Sell the same thing for $5, you could potentially sell 200,000 and wind up with the same revenue. Hence why a price cut for the PS3 would do wonders for the system, considering it’s like $200 more than the 360 and is still getting about the same market share.

    I still stand my ground on the multiplayer maps, though. They were always free back in the day. Not to mention all the free mods you could get for the game, too. That was basically competition for the developers on their own game. I know games cost more to make than they did 5 years ago, but still, there comes a point when pricing for extra content gets to be ridiculous

  • Blackstaffer

    I just don’t like it when developers skimp on the original game and then try to sell you more stuff afterwards, at high prices. Killzone 2 is a case in point – they really should have included more multiplayer maps. But instead they release some maps packs and overcharged for them.

  • trooperoutlaw

    I agree that most content isn’t worth the price tag. There are a couple of instances where I purchased DLC that I thought I got my money worth. But for the most part, I skip the DLC most of the time.

    I found that when I first bought my system (XBOX360) that I was buying tons of DLC. But now I rarely buy any DLC on the 360 or the PS3.

    I think that if they at least dropped the price on DLC significantly then I would likely buy it.