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Fat Princess Patch Notes |

The patch is only available for North American gamers for the moment. Europe should be getting it next week after Sony Europe is done testing it thoroughly for all the territories there. Here are the patch notes:

  • The server selection heuristic has been modified so that ping time has been more heavily weighted when selecting potential matches. This will result in players being connected to games in such a way that game population and ping are more evenly weighted.
  • Newly hosted servers will be more attractive to potential clients and thus fill up more quickly. The change will also better distribute connection attempts among servers and thus reduce failed attempts.
  • Potential servers will be given less time to respond to ping requests. This should speed up that portion of the connection process.
  • Selected servers will be given more time to establish a connection, resulting in fewer failed attempts.
  • The connection code is less sensitive to packets coming back out of order. This was a cause of failed connections.
  • Ice Mage and Dark Priest AoE scoring has been adjusted from 10 points to 2 points per enemy affected.
  • Non-worker resource return has been reduced from 20 points to 10 points.
  • Feeding the princess has been reduced from 20 points to 15 points.
  • Castle door hit points have been reduced slightly from 30 to 25.
  • *The Princess’ calorie burn has been increased at weight stage 2, 3, and 4. Calorie burn was previously 2 per second at all stages. Stage 2 is now 4 per second, stage 3 is 8 per second, and stage 4 is 12 per second.

This is what’s going to get me to come onto the game, and i’ll post how I think it is later on.

  • hobbes

    think these will actually help me, i never knew bout these exploits.

  • dave

    PS3 sucks!!! My PS3 has broke 3 times now in less than a year and sony does not want to fix it they want me to pay another $150 to service the machine! My PS3 broke in October which I paid $150 for it to be fixed then it broke again in March and now AGAIN it has broke and sony wants me to pay another $150 to fix it!!! That’s $300 in less than a year for a system to work properly that I paid more than $600 for plus all the games! I hate my PS3!!!

  • JimmyMagnum

    if you payed $600 for it, then it would have been over a year since you purchased it, thus being out of warranty (since the price hasn’t been that high forever). I’ve been through 3 360s and am still on my first PS3 (an original 60GB) and that gets used a hell of a lot more than the 360! In fact, I havent touched it in probably 2 weeks, my PS3 gets used daily. You obviously just have a defective system, which is rare with PS3s. Microsoft had to extend their warranty because of threats to sue and the extremely high percentage of systems getting the Red Ring of Death past the 1 year warranty. It was to the point where it wasn’t IF you had a hardware issue, but WHEN you will be affected by it.

  • francois

    I was finally able to play an online game with the new patch. I found the game a bit hard, my team kept losing. Our best player had less than point than the other team’s worst player. The game should auto balance the team.

  • @francois
    TITAN did already do some more balancing on the game..
    check this:

    is it time for me to get this fat game?