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KoTec very interested in the PS Wand |

I know most of you are tired of hearing about motion controllers, as am I. But its nice to hear an opinion from a third party developer. One of the highlights of Sony’s e3 conference was the swordplay from the motion controller. And  Matsubara explained that type of gameplay would get tiring.

“I’m very interested in the new motion-control technology announced at E3, but we really need to know how responsive it is,” Matsubara explained. “I’m sure that for casual games these motion controls will be very popular, but for action games like Ninja Gaiden we need quick responses and if you’re swinging your arms around like you’re using a sword you will soon be tired.”

Are you interested in this controller? You can see more of this in, Play Magazine.

  • James

    I’d play a Ninja Gaiden motion game.

  • JimmyMagnum

    I still think it’s gimmicky. After a while, the novelty will wear off. Most of the people I know who got a Wii rarely touch it now. Most likely will not stray far from the casual experience

  • I’m interested in the controller and how it may be used – it seems far more precise than Nintendo’s effort, so hopefully games may be a little more… involving.

    But I’m not interested in a Ninja Gaiden game, whether it uses the controller or not.

    By the way, not sure if you guys know this, but according to the latest OPM UK, the rumour is that Sony’s motion controller will be called ‘GEM’.

  • GEM, eh. Odd name. Gyroscope Emotion Machine? lol