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The Weekly Recap (August 2-8) |

What a week it’s been! Activity picked up a lot, got a whole bunch of new members/readers, and the site got a complete visual overhaul. So far, according to the poll, people really like it! I’m going to leave a couple stories out for the main part of the article so I can more directly point a few things out in case you missed it.

As for this particular Recap, I retrofitted it with the new banners and whatnot, so it should look better and also contain more news!

First off, the site’s got a few new features, so if you aren’t sure what those are, you can check the list of new stuff on Tosh’s update from Monday. Also take note of the points information. Top 35 members with the most points are eligible for PS3Blog.Net’s drawing for a $20 PSN Gift Card! If that’s not incentive to register and become an active member on the site, I don’t know what is! Just, please, refrain from spam and keep your comments tasteful and on topic and everything will be A OK ;).

As far as ‘Contributor of the Week’ goes, looks like someone’s been de-throned! JimmyMagnum (me) kills Eddie’s streak with 8 posts as opposed to Eddie’s 5. Too bad, thought I was going to have to give him that honor again as well as congratulate him on becoming a staff member, but I suppose that Congrats will have to do :P. Good going dude.

Quick Game Impressions
Darrin – August 3rd

More Final Fantasy XIV Details!
Eddie – August 3rd

Worldwide PS3 Sales Reach Nearly 24 Million
JimmyMagnum – August 3rd

Upcoming LBP DLC to Include New Creation Tools?
JimmyMagnum – August 3rd

How Wipeout HD manages 1080p at 60FPS.
Trev – August 3rd

80 Gigs Seem to be “Out of Stock” in Many Locations
Eddie – August 4th

Assassin’s Creed II Limited Edition PS3 Exclusive? (UPDATE)
JimmyMagnum – August 4th

In-game Ads Prolong Load Times.
Trev – August 4th

Like big over-the-top action? Hate big over-the-top prices?
Trev – August 4th

Arkham Asylum demo out this week.
Trev – August 4th

Fat Princess Update Coming
Tosh – August 4th

Get your own LittleBigPlanet Pod
Tosh – August 4th

Lamborghini to be in Gran Turismo
JimmyMagnum – August 4th

More FFXIV Information Coming in!
Eddie – August 4th

French Website Says 8/18 Pre-Orders for PS3 Slim Start, 9/1 Release Date
Eddie – August 4th

PS3 proves more profitable than 360 for EA
fleakitten – August 5th

flOw jumps out of the ocean and onto the stage
Tosh – August 5th

Another LBP Costume Pack Coming August 13th
JimmyMagnum – August 5th

Killzone 2 is Full of Schmucks
Blackstaffer – August 5th

Delayed to 2010: Red Dead Redemption, Bioshock 2, Mafia 2, Max Payne 3
Darrin – August 5th

Activision’s Second Quarter Earnings, With PS3 Showing 2nd Highest Revenue?
Eddie – August 6th

Microsoft’s new 360 ad includes a familiar tune
fleakitten – August 6th

Batman: Arkham Asylum – the first 10min.
Trev – August 6th

Downloadable Content: Is it Worth it?
JimmyMagnum – August 6th

Batman: Arkham Asylum Demo Impressions.
Trev – August 6th

Konami knows you want MGS4 Trophies
Tosh – August 7th

Konami to Reissue PS2 Games to Meet Consumer Demand
JimmyMagnum – August 7th

LittleBigPlanet GOTY Edition Cover Shown
JimmyMagnum – August 7th

GamesCom Rumor Round Up!
Eddie – August 8th

KoTec very interested in the PS Wand
Thepreppymonk – August 8th

Penny Arcade Tekken 6 Comic
Tosh – August 8th

Fat Princess Patch Notes
Thepreppymonk – August 8th

As you can see, nothing was posted last Sunday except for my previous Weekly Recap. So the entire weekend last week had nothing new :P. Anyway, you’ll notice that the Weekly Recap banner has changed. The new design is a collaboration between Tosh and I (I created the background, he did the text because I didn’t have the correct font). Anywho, we’ve received 32 submissions this week, one short of our previous record from 3 weeks back. Also note, I still leave out QuickNews, and I’m also going to leave out clan-related stuff like Game Night announcements if they are scheduled for the week the recap represents (sorry Blackstaffer :P).

Blu-ray Releases for the week of 8.3.09
Tosh – August 3rd

Aliens vs Predator release date Feb. 2010?
Tosh – August 5th

Get a Coffin Couch for your pad in Home
Tosh – August 6th

New Feature for
Tosh – August 8th

First Photo of the Uncharted 2 Limited Edition Collector’s Box
Tosh – August 8th

Since there wasn’t really anything news-wise about the Mockers for last week (except an announcement on Games Night for Tuesday), I’ll go ahead and post the news from this week.

Blackstaffer would like to have some game suggestions sent in for Games Night, such as what games to play, best time to play, and on what days to play. Please drop a few suggestions over here and let us know what you prefer! Remember, all of our games are open to blog members/readers, family and friends. Keep in mind, though, some games are password protected, so if you got a family member or friend who wants to join, be sure to give them the password!

Alright, this week is a big week for American football and Madden fans, since the game is to come out this Friday. Here’s a complete list of games hitting store shelves this week (as well as PSN):

Marvel vs Capcom 2 (PSN-August 13th)
Red Faction: Guerrilla — Demons of the Badlands (PSN-August 13th)
Madden NFL 10 (August 14th)

Not very exciting, really haha. Holiday Season is coming up, so we should be seeing a lot more great titles coming. I don’t know about you folks, but I’m pretty excited for Batman coming on the 25th!

Uncharted Movie

  • Good Idea 28% of all votes (9)
  • Looking forward to it 22% of all votes (7)
  • Not getting my hopes up 31% of all votes (10)
  • I’ll pass 19% of all votes (6)

Total Votes: 32

Also, I’m looking to make the Recaps a little interesting, so I’ll be making other (small) banners for sub-sections of the recap, including Poll results, Community News, Mockers-related posts, stuff like that. If you would like to see something showcased in the weekly recap besides news posts, let me know! Get suggestions in by at least Saturday so I can let Tosh know what to label the sub-section banners (unless he wants to give me the font so I can do them myself 🙂 ). Sorry I didn’t get all that posted today, though folks. The big, important community news is showcased up in the first paragraph, though!

Thank you all for taking the time to read about what’s been going on this week! Also, again, if you missed any news from prior weeks, always check out my previous Weekly Recaps (link also available on the Sidebar on the right).

  • Thanks for all the work you do on these weekly recaps. I think it’s a great new feature!

  • JimmyMagnum

    no prob boss! Thanks for all the compliments! considering how we have busy weeks like this, it’s kind of a necessity if you haven’t been on for a few days

  • Eddie

    Great recap as usual. I’m honored to have been dethroned by you 😛 Just be ready for next week lol.

  • JimmyMagnum

    lol, thanks!

    Also, I might add a section for the new week’s new releases (as far as games go). Either that, or QuickNews (though, was thinking about a QuickNews-specific section as well, for stuff like that).

    So far then (almost typed so far then lmao), I have the gaming news, community news, and a quicknews recap. Anyone else got anything? Need/want any areas of the website mentioned, such as the Community? Just let me know!

    Also, I can remind folks of Mockers night and whatnot, as long as you give me the name of the game, what map packs used (if applicable) and any other relevant info. I’ll also start working on getting a template made so I don’t have to keep finding the links for photos lol. Should have done that a long time ago 😛

  • It would be good to have a quick news section as well. Here are all the quicknews stories.

  • JimmyMagnum

    alright, got the post updated! My best recap yet! Wait until we hit October/November. It’s going to be VERY ridiculous lol.

  • Great update 🙂 I like it.