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Netflix Not Coming to PS3 |

EDIT: As Yadi Yadi points out, this isn’t “news” at all. Last year, Microsoft announced a console-exclusive agreement with Netflix that would guarantee that direct Netflix streaming would not come to other consoles such as the Wii and PS3. After speculation that this might change, Microsoft has reiterated the exact same copy/pasted text from last year’s announcement and this story is doing the rounds on the usual gaming blogs again.

Just as a reminder, there are tons of other options for Netflix streaming that are arguably much better and cheaper than Xbox for most consumers:

  • Xbox requires a ~$90 adapter for WiFi (in addition to the $200-$300 base unit). The $100 Roku box includes WiFi at no extra cost. Just about all PCs have standard WiFi as well.
  • Xbox requires two separate paid subscriptions: Both the Netflix subscription and a per-user Xbox Gold subscription (you can’t use Netflix streaming with the free subscription). Every other device only requires the basic Netflix subscription.
  • You need a computer to to fully browse and build your streaming movie queue, so why not just use the same computer to watch movies as well? (Even with the update)
  • Need simple direct-to-tv streaming? Roku boxes cost $100 and stream both Netflix and Amazon video. Most standalone blu-ray players and many newer HDTV models have Netflix streaming built right into the set.
  • It requires effort to setup, but if you have the patience, you can use PlayOn to relay Netflix (and tons of other content) to your PS3

I will say, though, that if you watch lots of movies, or more importantly, if you have a household with kids that watch tons and tons of movies, the buffet style Netflix subscription is a great deal. Hopefully more services will develop similar offerings.

  • Kicks

    I believe I read that they’re working on allowing you to queue up content directly on the 360 now instead of requiring the pc.

    The strongest point one could make is that casual players aren’t going to want to pony up money for an xbox live subscription on top of their fees just for this feature. They already own a Wii. In the same vein, the casual consumer isn’t going to want to spend $200-$300 on an xbox just to use this feature or be saavy enough to research a cheaper subscription for live on deal sites.

    Now if Sony would strike a deal with Amazon that may be cool

    Sorry for the ramble

  • Yadi Yadi

    It’s NOT an announcement – that text is 14 month old. Some blogger found that text on today and went on his “jump to conclusions mat” and said “OMG nextflix 360 exclusive!”.

    Just check the original press release from 14th july 2008 – it’s same damn text.

  • JimmyMagnum

    meh, I use my PC anyways, got my 360, PS3 and PC hooked up to the same TV anyway lol

  • hobbes

    really bugs me, i bought a roku yesterday.. i’m hoping sony releases sony subscription rental model for their store to directly compete with netflix’s streaming. That’d be nice. 12 bucks a month or so for streaming, cause all the movies are much newer.

  • Darrin

    It’s easy to find discounts for your initial Xbox Gold subscription signup, but you auto-renew at full price, and it requires much more effort and attention to get discounted renewals.

    Also, the Xbox Netflix update only gives you very limited browse and add-to-queue ability.

    Roku is way better

  • Trieloth

    I hate turning on my 360 cuz it soundsl like a freaking jet and then I cant hear the TV. I need to build a sound barrier for it. I can careless about netflixs now that I think about it. Iam not scared to go to the store and rent what ever.

  • Kicks

    I personally use redbox or on the rare occasion just rent something from the PSN.

    We actually have an older pc hooked up to the tv directly for our hulu viewing pleasure

  • George
  • JimmyStewart

    Seems kinda similar to that breakdown Sony used to use to show everyone what a great value the PS3 was supposed to be. It seems fairly obvious that the entire post is nothing more than sour grapes.

    A breakdown as a non-biased gamer. No $99 adapter required for Netflix. If this were a debate about the cost of WiFi your point would stand, as it is not it’s nothing more than fluff. Interesting that the first point made has nothing to do with the actual issue at hand. To emulate the Sony press release I mentioned above… 360 Adapter $99. 360 $199. Total $298 and you’re wirelessly watching Netflix. PS3 $399. $101 later and you’re still not watching Netflix. Unfair, sure… but it’s as fair as the post above.

    Some of the issues are valid. For example I’d like an option to be able to browse more of the store from the console. The current options are a HUGE improvement and really knock out a lot of my complaints, but still it would be nice to specifically look up certain titles. BUT I’m not sure if this is a 360 complaint or a Netflix complaint. I can’t search for new movies on my Series 3 Tivo either. Does anything actually let you do this?

    Regardless, I think the biggest point is that this Netflix feature not being on the PS3 is a pretty big blow. Not that people are going to run out and buy a 360 to get Netflix streams. But rather those of us with 360s will simply be able to (at no extra cost) watch our Netflix on our already purchased 360s. I didn’t have to pay a dime for the feature and it certainly knocked the PS3 out of it’s notch as my entertainment hub. It used to be 360 for games, PS3 for everything else. Now it’s 360 for games, PS3 for Blu-Ray and the 360 for everything else.

    Oh and Trieloth. I feel you. I am the former owner of a 360 that was quite loud. I’ve got a weird reversal on that story. My original launch console lasted about 2 1/2 years before it died. Not the RROD but MS still fixed it for free even though it was technically out of warranty. But when it came back I was sure they installed a helicopter somewhere inside of it. The noise drove me nuts and the comparitive silence of the PS3 was a big selling point for family and friends. The 360 just recently succumbed to the dreaded RROD, now very much out of warranty. So I bought a new arcade unit for $199. This one is WHISPER quiet. And with the game installs, I almost never even hear a peep out of the system. I’m not sure if it’s just a matter of my “fixed” system sounding so loud that anything in comparison sounding quiet, but now when I play the 360 and go to my PS3 I have a hard time focusing on movies over the noise from my PS3! Maybe it’s just the disc drive, but it’s far louder than anything from my newer 360. My wife actually pointed it out when we tried to make it through the last movie night, and now it’s hard not to notice it. It seems to kick on and off during playback of discs, and I’m inclined to believe it’s a fan firing up as needed. I hope it doesn’t mean my PS3 is about to die. Unlike MS who fixed my PS3 out of warranty, Sony was going to charge me well over $100 to fix the USB ports that broke on my launch PS3 a few years ago. With money being what it is I don’t think we can afford to replace our living room PS3 should anything happen to it.

  • trooperoutlaw

    Also the video quality of NetFlix on XBox looks like trash. I have a good connection and have my XBox wired to the router. Video quality on the XBox is unacceptable on most movies.

  • JimmyStewart

    Oh and Darrin… if you love the Roku so much you might want to watch out for this…

    Seems Roku loves exactly what you hate.

    Not sure about the quality issue and how it relates to the 360. In my experience the quality on the 360 is better than the Tivo Netflix stream for example. That said it really seems to be a Netflix issue. I’m guessing the “trash” you’re seeing are the old standard def streams which sadly is what most of the streaming library still is. But the other day my wife was watching a movie she added via an HD stream and it held up VERY nicely. It was comparable to most HD sources (ie. OTA HDTV and HD Downloads from the PS3 and 360) It might not be Blu-Ray quality, but for an instant on stream the quality was pretty astounding. On our 48” set, to be honest I didn’t know she wasn’t watching a Blu-ray when I came into the room. She had to actually show me it was a Netflix stream. We were both taken back by it. But again this was an HD source, so if you think the selections look like trash by all means fire off an e-mail to Netflix and let them know they need to upgrade more of their content to HD!!! I’m fully in favor of that. And for what it’s worth, I do not have a good connection at all. I’m at a 3M DSL line, not something recommended for HD streaming. The fact that they can get something so close to a Blu-Ray on an instant stream on that connection is nothing short of amazing.

    I really think all the negativity around the idea is misplaced. I for one would LOVE to get Netflix on my PS3 and return it to the media hub of my living room. I would even gladly pay the rumored $10 for the Netflix disc to get started! And I’ve already got two Netflix enabled devices. It’s mostly because I love the bluetooth remote, but still. It would be a big plus for the PS3 in my book.

  • Earl

    I use Playon regularly and it is soo easy to set up and works fine for Netflix. I’ve watched about 5 or 6 full length movies and never had a single glitch. I’m very happy with it so far. I’m surprised PS3 owners are upset by the xbox exclusive, because it’s very simple to get Netflix on PS3 using your PC and playon.

  • JimmyMagnum

    A netflix app made specifically for PS3 (that opens up much like, say, Life with PlayStation or PlayStation Home) would be a far better and a more ideal setup. I could just use my PC to stream movies (which I do anyway since, as I said, everything is on the same TV). Positive about an app such as that is I could go straight into a movie (or add movies to the queue, etc) from the PS3 after playing a game instead of switching my receiver to another input, turning on the PC, switching input mode on TV from my PS3’s video settings to the PC Input setting and then opening Firefox and going to Netflix and doing the same thing. It would just be a hell of a lot more convenient