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MAG Beta Invites going out |

Mag Beta Invite

Did you get lucky? I didn’t get anything. This is something I’m very interested in trying out. I hope they let a lot of people into this Beta. This needs to be tested out heavily. This is the first game of it’s kind (in scale anyway) and many things could go wrong. Best way to find out the kinks is with a massive Beta. Check out this gameplay video, I like the 3D HUD map.

Jim at NeoGAF says this. Hopefully it’s true.

“If you do not receive an invite for the first wave you may still be invited in a following MAG Public Beta wave.”

MAG Beta Invites Going Out

  • JimmyMagnum

    got my invite earlier and already signed up. Waiting for the actual beta invite now

  • hobbes

    yah, i originally thought, sweet, got into the beta, the email was simply an invite to sign up for the actual beta… so i got 1st email, will let you know bout the second.
    psn/ jwspiker

  • Trieloth

    I didnt get a invite yet 🙁 . Iam not sure if I want one. Beta’s kinda kill the experence for me.

  • Nothing here too. 🙁
    is there any supscription form for that?

  • JimmyMagnum

    I think on the official site, you have to edit your profile to sign up for beta invites. Not sure how it works now, but back in the day, I was a member of the PlayStation Underground and there was an option for betas then.

    I got to beta test a bunch of games, first two that I remember were the original Monster Hunter and Killzone (Guerrilla Games still being the best development team I ever worked with, played online with us all the time and really listened to our input).

    Back then was kinda crappy because they sent betas out via UPS and no tracking number, so you never knew when it was going to show up. But after the KZ beta, and sending them my input, I was invited to become a member of Sony’s Gamer Advisory Panel. Got a bunch of free stuff from that, too, including a certificate (I’ll have to find it and show yas).

    One of the coolest things I received from them was a demo disc for God of War and them wanting me to write a review for it. Ever since that, I was hooked (it was the Hydra level, but the demo ended once you got up to the mast with the big head)

  • JimmyStewart

    Whoa is the Gamer Advisory Panel a rare thing? I assumed it was easy to get into as they just sent me stuff without me really knowing why. I’ve got that same certificate I’d guess along with a little “ID card” and a few shirts. I actually really like one of them, it has some crazy looking text on the front (not sure if it’s a different language or what) and on the back it’s got the symbols of the Playstation buttons. I haven’t gotten anything since prior to the PS3 though. Maybe that’s why I was in on the Home beta so early… I never got to test out anything major. I remember the God of War demo, but I never got into any actual betas until the PS3 came around.

    Anyhow, I got this e-mail this morning… and based on the post I dug it out of Gmail after I deleted it. I was going to try and give it away to someone who wanted it, but it’s an invite to a sign up. The post here makes it sound like it’s the actual beta e-mail rather than a way to try and get into the beta. Do you guys think this game looks any good?

  • qwedsa

    no invite yet, how many waves have gone by? and how much more left?

  • Kicks

    Still a gap member myself (I actually found the old member card they sent me years ago). Still no invite though 🙁

  • JimmyMagnum

    you guys do the sign up thing before the beta started?

  • I know if you have a annual sub. to Qore you can get in later this month.

  • kramerv

    heymy email has been deactivated for a while so i could have gotten the invite can any one giv me the email address tht came wit the email so i can send them an email maybe seeing if i did get one? thx