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New Firmware Update? |

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Gamescom is coming up in a week or so, and their are rumors going about a new update for PS3. Some say its going to be PS Cloud. Some say its going to be a whole new look like how NXE did for the Xbox 360. Or that famous cross game chat is coming. But here’s my idea of what they could do.

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Have you heard of that little not fun app called Home? Well, what if when you turn on your PS3 and it launches you right into Home. And it gets out of the open beta form, into a seamless experience. This would work only if: No lag, load times reduced, bring every feature you announced with this update (such as picture frames, movies with friends, game launching mandatory). Since we’re speaking a lot about “what if’s” here, what do you think should be in this rumored update? And if its a huge facelift, what do you think should be changed about the XMB?

  • I like the PlayStation Cloud idea in the image. Launching right into Home would be a good idea, but only if it was optional.

  • the cloud image is nice. would be cool to see trophy updates in that too. as for changing the XMB, it works great that’s why microsoft copied it a little. there’s no need to change. just make everything faster and smoother.

  • Sinlock

    The Picture Frame feature was added a few months ago, never picked it up because it was 2.99 and I hardly ever go to any my Apt’s. But for people that do make sure you pick up the free Vending machine in the Mall

  • Kicks

    If they made trophies so that they automatically synced and not require manual intervention that would be great.

    If they had cross-game chat, that would just make my day. That is the one feature I miss most from xbox live. I also miss cross-game invitations, but bf1943 figured out a way to at least notify the person you want to play with them

  • Free vending machine huh. I’ll check that out. But ya, don’t change the xmb, it’s great as it is. @Trev there are trophy updates in that image 🙂

  • Darrin

    Home has rough spots but it is plenty of fun as-is.

    Nice wish list though.

  • Trieloth

    For ****s sake give me new avatars or let me pick my own. Everthing else can wait.

  • btw, what is your avatar from Trieloth?

    Ya, custom avatars would be a huge plus.

  • Sinlock

    Not likely what Trieloth is looking for but New Avatars have been to the PSN portable ID system.

  • Where did you get the PlayStation Cloud image?

  • Thepreppymonk

    Found it on google images

  • Trieloth

    My avatar is from the anime ErgoProxy…if I remember right.

  • I just don’t have many PS3 friends 🙁 the feature looks very cool, but I’m afraid it would be overkill for a guy like me