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Some More Home Updates |

It seems as if Home’s popularity, at least amongst developers, is picking up quite a bit. Earlier today, the Official PlayStation Blog posted an update for PlayStation Home, with some pretty neat things.

To start things off, if you purchase Batman: Arkham Asylum for the PlayStation 3, you get a free personal Batcave Outpost space in home, complete with a Batmobile! You won’t be able to drive it, though…

Also hitting Home will be the previously announced Motor Storm event space, which hosts game launching on Monday nights. That will be released alongside a bunch of Motor Storm-themed clothes as well (which, apparently, will only be available for a limited time).

As far as other updates go, here’s a few changes taking place in the core areas of Home:

  • New songs on the [email protected] kiosk
  • New clothing in the mall
  • New furniture at the mall, including animated furniture
  • New videos in the theater

There’s also going to be some updates coming along for EA’s Sports Complex as well as the Burn Zombie Burn space; plus some updates to the central plaza, which will be announced in the coming weeks.

  • hobbes

    finally some devs getting smart, if you purchase their game, giving content in Home, is smart… would be sweet if they’d do this for LBP.. purchase this, get LBP content.. cross platform support would be cool